Graduate: Jill Bentley

Jill Bentley

Jill Bentley

Carlisle, KY

At this time I am trying to develop a name and types of products or oils I want to offer my client's and patient's.


Hello...I am Jill Bentley, a 58 year old female with a strong desire to apply my training in essential oils to light positive touch I give my patients with Hospice services.

I graduated from University of Kentucky with my Master's in Social Worker.  I have two children, Matthew and Amanda who have blessed me with Kyle, Matt's son and Ayden and Evan, Amanda's sons.  I am employee with Hospice of Hope/Ohio Valley in Maysville, KY.  I work on a Nursing Home Team working with end of life care. 

I have always enjoyed working with oils/plants and being able to use/smell what the earth/universe has offered us. 

Thank you so much Andrea for your on-line course, material, resources, Facebook and just being the beautiful person you are.