Graduate: John Gotera

John Gotera

John Gotera

Chicago, IL

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John Archievald Gotera was born and raised in San Francisco, CA. He is a certified aromatherapist and an author of six poetry e-books. He enjoys hiking, meditating, qigong, yoga and collecting gemstones. He is always adventurous as he is always tapping and discovering new hobbies & interests. 

John Archievald is currently working on his product line for skincare and wellness as well as his seventh e-book, which is to be released this year. Stay tuned!

What I loved about Aromahead:

Andrea Butje and the entire Aromahead staff provide an amiable online environment that is immersed with a galore of substantial information and easy navigation. The staff responds to questions with such professionalism, promptness and love. The service and functionality of Aromahead is stellar! It's been a life changing experience for me. With Aromahead as my ally, I know that I'm paving my life in the direction that resonates with me.