Graduate: Joyce Martin

Joyce Martin

Joyce Martin
Indigo Aromatics

Quakertown, PA

I am focusing on exploring ways to improve health and the environment. Aromatherapy is one method and is used to create products without chemical additives and preservatives that support the body's healing process and connection to the earth.


As the days go by, I am becoming more and more aware of the importance of living a natural way of life. That is without chemical additives and preservatives or synthetic medicines and supporting the true meaning of what is organic in every way possible. This awareness and way of life has led me to using and learning about Aromatherapy to support healing and the earth's environment.

I started my journey after finding out I had an autoimmune disease that left me dependent on my family. Previously an independent person, I was beside myself not having the ability to know what to do. I avoided synthetic drugs and searched the internet for alternative ways to treat my symptoms and deal with my severe Asthma. This lead to Aromatherapy... and it helped! My curiosity of wanting to know how essential oils worked brought me to study the Science of Essential Oil Therapy.

Today, as a certified Aromatherapist, I strive to meet one of my life's goals by helping others on their journey to create a healthier lifestyle, and also to help them help themselves heal.