Graduate: Julie Jones

Julie Jones

Julie Jones
Restore to Balance

Winston Salem, NC

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 I work with individuals and group clients, and additionally facilitate education seminars and workshops. The focus of my work is on stress reduction, healthier lifestyles, healthier nutrition and holistic approaches to living. My clients learn to identify life and health goals and receive the tools and support to realize those goals.


Julie Jones, MSN, RN, CHTP has nearly forty years experience in
nursing spending most of her career in critical care, cardiology. and
medical-surgical units working with both adult and pediatric clients.
Ten years ago, feeling worn out from the illness mentality in health
care - she started pursuing health and wellness - with passion and
zest. She is a certified Health and Wellness Coach, Nutrition Coach,
Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, and Aromatherapist. In 2010, she
began Restore to Balance, a holistic nursing practice, where she
provides consults, sessions in Healing Touch and Aromatherapy. She
loves the essential oils and believes they are a wonderful addition to
any practice. She has a passion to serve her community with quality
Aromatherapy products and support. She loves to teach and offers
Aromatherapy classes, talks and workshops.

Her office and shop is located at:
The Breathing Room
918 Bridge Street
Winston Salem North Carolina 27101

What I loved about Aromahead:

Aromahead Institute is so much more than an educational experience - it is a blast! Andrea is awesome with her ability to teach and so willing to share - Cindy - makes the complex enjoyable with Anatomy and Physiology. Both of them - made me laugh - in forty years of nursing - I lost my sense of humor - I was reintroduced to it - and I am so glad!