Graduate: Katerina Kloudova

Katerina Kloudova

Katerina Kloudova

Prague , Czech Republic

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In harmony with nature for your physical and emotional balance

As a certified aromatherapist I provide individual consultations and I love to share my experience, knowledge and passion for aromatherapy.

I create synergy blends with love and respect for aromatic plants based on the unique needs of each client. In my recipes I combine the highest quality ingredients, knowledge of the biochemistry of essential oils and their traditional use, and my intuition. I am inspired by the art of nature.

I enjoy seeing how pure and authentic essential oils support the health and beauty of my clients.


Chartered specialist. After five years of working for pharmaceutical companies, I wanted to get to know more about holistic approach to the care of people. Interest in medicinal plants brought me to aromatherapy, which has gradually become a natural part of my life.

I first discovered essential oils when I lived in London for few years. Their unique effects convinced me, and I began to prepare my own cosmetics and perfumes. I wanted to create effective blends of essential oils, and so I decided to study at Aromahead Institute. Inspired by Andrea, my journey of understanding and perception of plants led me to the south of France. Collecting wild lavender in the mountains and visiting distillers in Provence was a dream that come true for me.

What I loved about Aromahead:

The whole concept of Aromahead Institute! Thank to Andrea and her team for being my guides in the world of the therapeutic use of essential oils. Aromahead Institute is a place for everyone with open senses where Andrea shares deep knowledge, experience, fun, inspiration, passion, and love for nature. I enjoyed every moment of the lessons.