Graduate: Lisa Sweet-Kinsey

Lisa Sweet-Kinsey

Lisa Sweet-Kinsey
AromaBox by AromaGirls LLC

Fort Wayne, IN

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AromaBox is an an inspired collection of handpicked aromatherapy, skin care, and lifestyle products delivered to your door every eight weeks.  For the Aroma lover, the unique focus and functionality of this box is an unparalleled celebration and opportunity to experience new brands from small businesses and artisians.



I am a former social worker and early childhood educator.  I am now an entrepenuer and own an Aromatherapy inspired subscription box.  I also hope to consult with physicians and mental health professionals in the near future, teaching them about the safe use of Aromatherapy in their practices.

What I loved about Aromahead:

I absolutely loved the format of the AromaHead online ACP.  It was very user friendly and made my learning experience enjoyable.  I was also impressed with the quick feedback from Andrea or any of my instructors if I had ANY questions or concerns. 

Even though the exams are "open book", I made sure to study to actually learn, not just to memorize.  I also have a bachelors degree and found the anatomy and physiology rather challenging (which is a good thing because I had to learn something new and challenge myself)!  Any online course is what you make of it in terms of how you choose to study and what you get out of it, and I am completely satisfied with this particular program.