Graduate: Little Feather (Gina) Gruwell

Little Feather (Gina) Gruwell

Little Feather (Gina) Gruwell
Aromatherapy by Feathers

Bellingham, WA

Making 95% organic body care and home cleaning products.

Private consultation and personalized blends.

Working with Naturopaths, Nutritional Counselors, Chiropractors and Massage Therapists.


Have wanted to do this my whole adult life...AND NOW I LOVE IT!

Life is about learning to deal with changes, upset, love and being a strong and caring person.

Have worked in the Hospice field for about 14 years and love this work, as well.Has taught me to be honest, gentle and not hesitate when I have something to say to someone.

Lived off the grid for 18 years and I still love growing my own food, the animals I have chosen to share life with and trying to give the best care I can to myself and those around me.