Graduate: Marina Kortnik

Marina  Kortnik

Marina Kortnik

Velenje, EVROPA, Slovenia

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I have been working as a teacher for 30 years and I am happy to share everything I've learned at various conferences, workshops or lectures. I use all the knowledge I have gained to make my own cosmetic products with great passion and enthusiasm


Herbs and their divine scents have been inspiring me all my life. With the discovery of aromatherapy, a new world opened up for me, which I am still happy to explore.

I was so impressed with all the knowledge I gained that I did a research in the field of aromatherapy for my master's thesis. Thus, in  »Aromatherapy as a way of reducing teachers occupational stress«, I explored the link between well-being, stress, aromatherapy, and emotions.


What I loved about Aromahead:

I like Aromahead because of the very aesthetically pleasing materials and the accessibility of these materials even after completing my education. I am also impressed with the quickness of the responses to my emails, questions and reports.