Graduate: Melissa Pires Alves

Melissa Pires Alves

Melissa Pires Alves
Seventeen Y

Urbana, IL

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Seventeen Y is a natural body care place inspired by essential oils. It was created to donate 17% of all profits to the Beta Baby Box Project. Seventeen Y makes authentic, pure, and natural products that have proven benefits for our body.

Beta Baby Box (BBBox) Project provides babies from low-income families with a baby shower with all the basic needs that every newborn deserves. 

Seventeen Y is more than a body care place. It is a passion mixed with a sign of hope and recognition that each baby deserves to come to this world with a warm and lovely welcome. Our story is just beginning, but we look forward to growing with those in our community and helping families to welcome their babies with basic needs!

Seventeen Y products are selling at Urbana’s Market at the Square (Urbana, IL) from November to April. The online store is coming soon!


My name is Melissa, and I'm a Research Scientist. I started using essential oils about six years ago. I believed that my passion for aromatherapy started when I opened the first bottle of essential oil. My pharmaceutical and scientist side made me to looking for a piece of deeper knowledge about aromatherapy. I began my journey to be an aromatherapist to be more confident to use the essential oils and to help others.

On August 2018, I created a social project called Beta Baby Box (BBBox). The project provides babies from low-income families with a baby shower with all the basic needs that every newborn deserves. The idea was inspired by my mother who loved to make baby showers to help families in Brazil. Her name was Elizabeth, but everybody called her Beta. She passed away in 2016, and I'd like to keep her caring to welcome babies alive.

Putting all passions together, I created a natural body care products, called Seventeen Y, helping me to get funds to the project.

What I loved about Aromahead:

My experience at Aromahead has been the most fun way to learn! I learned a lot with the program, and Shelia was a wonderful instructor! The Aromahead team put together an intelligent way to teach aromatherapy. I feel so blessed to choose this Institute to receive the Aromatherapy Certification. Serious, reliable, respectful, and fun!