Graduate: Michelle Moles

Michelle Moles

Michelle Moles
Light Touch Healing Arts

Culloden, WV

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Light Touch Healing Arts provides an array of services to help you achieve health and wellness in every aspect of your life. We believe in natural homeopathic solutions for the body's physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Essential oil education, consultations, and custom blends are available. We also provide life coaching, intuitive coaching, and Reiki energy sessions.


I discovered essential oils while searching for a way to recover from surgery and radiation treatments. I am a registered nurse and always had confidence in modern healthcare, but after months of extreme fatigue, I knew there had to be something better than all the different medicines I was given. I am so glad I decided to take control of my body and my health.  I believe there is a safe, effective way to utilize essential oils in conjunction with medical care in order to optimize health and wellness.

What I loved about Aromahead:

I loved learning about essential oils at Aromahead Institute. The course is designed to build and grow on previous lessons but the real learning occurs doing case studies. One day you are learning the oil's chemistry and the next day you are using that knowledge to select oils for a client! The feedback and encouragement from the staff are terrific!