Graduate: Nicole Anderson

Nicole Anderson

Nicole Anderson
Urban Organics

La Crescent, MN

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At Urban Organics we create plant based cosmetics and personal care products, personalized aromatherapy consultations and provide aromatic Reiki Treatments. We do not use any synthetic chemicals or any unnecessary fillers in any of our products. We only use GC/MS tested essential oils for their therapeutic, energetic, and aromatic properties. All of our items are hand crafted in small batches in our quaint studio in South Eastern Minnesota. Our cold process soaps and shampoos are our best sellers and we LOVE making them. Each one is either hand poured or hand cut. It gives me great joy to create a product or a custom blend that truly makes someone feel happy and healthy. 

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I have always wanted to know more about plants and essential oils and how they were "therapeutic". I eventually started studying essential oils, plants, herbs, and how they could help me. Weather it be stress, dry skin, sleepless nights, a dirty bathroom, or a cut on my little ones finger. Bringing nature in my home to literally live with me felt natural and was exciting. Now that I have satisfying Aromatherapy education I am able to confidently serve my clients and customers. One of our passions at Urban Organics is to educate individuals on how essential oils work and how to be safe using them.