Graduate: Olivia McNish MacMillan

Olivia McNish MacMillan

Olivia McNish MacMillan
Cottage Traditions: A Healing Arts Institute

Hyattsville, MD

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Teaching becomes easy when you teach what you love to those who love what you teach. Olivia teaches classes on Aromatherapy, Creams, Salves, & Topical Medicine Making, Organic Skincare, Natural, Bespoke Perfume Crafting, and the Energetics & the Soul of Essential Oils, Introduction to Crystal Healing, Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki, and Tea Blending.

The Cottage Traditions product line focuses on intentionally crafted preparations utilizing herbs, essential oils, crystals, and Reiki. 

Olivia says her greatest joy is being able to make oil blends that effect transformation within the mind, the body, and the spirit and inspiring others to use their own innate gifts to do the same. 


As a little girl, Olivia used to take the little nurse’s kit that her mother had given her and cover an elderly neighbor with Band-Aids while dispensing candy aspirin. Little did she know that sweet playtime was her first step onto the path of her destiny as a healer and teacher.


Olivia had a consciousness awakening in 2010 which led her to her destiny as a Reiki practitioner of which she is a Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master. 
Still not feeling finished, Olivia found her calling with aromas and went through an extensive certification program and testing to become a Registered Clinical Aromatherapist and her affinity for all things natural led her to also seek her certification as a Crystal Healer and to become an Herbalism student.


Next up for Olivia as a healer and teacher she says she wants to change the world, one balanced, self-healing spirit at a time.

What I loved about Aromahead:

I loved Andrea's style of teaching. She leads you along, but gives you plenty of room to explore the materials and figure out some of these things on your own.