Graduate: Paula Begel

Paula Begel

Paula Begel
Long Life Massage Therapy PLLC

cicero, NY

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Massage Therapy - NYS LMT/NCBTMB PTA

Multiple massage modalities including Meridian Massage and Reiki. Aromatherapy Massage as well.

Hours by appointment for massage and aromatherapy consultations.

Certified Clinical Holistic Aromatherapist.

Member of AIA, NYS representative and education committee.

Member NAHA

Offering one one one aromatherapy consultations and Therapeutic Uses of Essential Oils classes. 3-4 hour class available as well.

10 years experience working with essential oils.

Located at

8469 Wayfarer Drive

Cicero NY 13039


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My business offerings come from many years as a health and wellness practitioner.

Retired Personal Trainer / Aerobics Instructor


Martial Arts Instructor: 5th Degree BB/Sensei

1996 to 2014

Continue with training as well as Yoga

Physical Therapist Asst./ AAS degree : per diem Outpatient PT

Graduate of FLSM 1996


Fulltime LMT, self employed and loving it!

I love working with essential oils daily for family and personal use as well as clients.

My passion is for teaching aromatherapy to families, the community and the medical practitioner in my area.

Certified through Aromahead since 1996. Yearly classes including clinical training.

I am open to all teachers and educators to share and enjoy these precious oils.

2015 brings Advanced Clinical Certification at Aromahead as I work with health practitioner and area chiropractors.

I am looking forward to working with a local pain clinic in the upcoming year as well.


What I loved about Aromahead:

Aromahead is fun, engaging and comprehensive. I was beyond excited to reunite with Andrea after my massage school experience many years ago. I love her classes and working with her has taken my love for the oils to a whole new level! I just returned from the AIA conference, and so loved connecting with Andrea. I have to say beacuse of my love for oils and the way Andrea teaches I continue to grow in essential oil education. Beacaue of my connection with Andrea I am now connected to aromatherapists all over the world! How lucky I am!