Graduate: Rebecca Silence

Rebecca Silence

Rebecca Silence
Ballerina Farmer Artisan Aromatherapy

Kalamazoo, MI

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Ballerina Farmer Artisan Aromatherapy is an independently-owned holistic aromatherapy practice, artisan perfumery, and handmade body products company, based in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Ballerina Farmer combines the wisdom of aromatherapy with the art of luxury, specializing in supporting your health and enchanting your senses.

Our handcrafted product line features exquisite natural handmade soaps, bath & body care, aromatherapy blends, and artisan botanical perfumes. We use only organic & wild-harvested ingredients and pure botanicals.

I personally test all of my products, which are used on a daily basis by my friends, family, many happy customers, and me!


Hi, I'm Rebecca, I'm a librarian, a certified aromatherapist, founder of Ballerina Farmer Artisan Aromatherapy, and the Aromahead Forum Director! 

When I decided to pursue my aromatherapy certification, I researched all of the schools approved by the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy, contacted the directors of several programs, and found that I really resonated with Andrea, her teaching methods, and the curriculum at the Aromahead Institute. I received my certification in 2011 and I was always incredibly pleased with the program and with the top-quality education, as well as the support, encouragement, and guidance given so freely by Andrea and Cindy.

I love science! As a college student, I worked as a teaching assistant and tutor in the chemistry department, and studied chemistry, biology, microbiology, anatomy, and physiology. Since my college days, I've sought out training in several areas of holistic medicine (herbalism, nutrition, reflexology, and Reiki). It's an exciting time to be an aromatherapist, as scientific research is beginning to study, support, and refine the empirical evidence that traditional healers have known throughout history. 

I've always adored bath & body products and reached a point in my life where I wanted to use healthier and more natural options than those I could find available. After lots of study, education regarding safety concerns, and experimentation on my very patient family and friends, I began creating products in 1998. My inner mad scientist and tree-hugging self were thrilled! Since 2001, I've taught classes in aromatherapy, soap making, body care products, and natural perfumery. I've had retail booths in markets, sold wholesale in stores, and created products for other people to sell.

In the last several years, my focus has shifted more to the clinical side of aromatherapy. I consult with clients in my partner Tom's chiropractic practice and I formulate essential oil blends to support clients' health and well-being.

Some of my other interests include urban backyard beekeeping; animal rescue; vegetarian cooking; herb gardening; the night sky; hanging out in libraries, bookstores and coffeehouses; Yoga, Qi Gong and T'ai Chi; supporting local art/music/dance/food; visiting historical estates and art museums; and long walks with Tom and our three darling dogs: Myles (a movie-star handsome basset hound), Ozzie (the world's sweetest beagle) and Trixie (a sassy senior beagle rescued from life on a chain).

I am here to help, to share, and to learn along with you! With Andrea, Cindy, and Mina, and each other, I hope to help you to have a great experience as we learn and grow together as Aromatherapists.