Graduate: Retha Nesmith

Retha Nesmith

Retha Nesmith
Plant Therapy Essential Oils

Burley, ID

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I am the full-time Aromatherapist and marketing manager for Plant Therapy Essential Oils. I am given the opportunity every day to see how essential oils are changing the lives of Plant Therapy's customers! It is absolutely the best part of my job! I love hearing the success stories and love helping people learn. I love watching their confidence grow in using essential oils with their family because they have a desire to become educated and learn to use essential oils safely.


My name is Retha Nesmith. I am a mother to two amazing young boys who keep me busy. On top of that I also was given the opportunity to work from home for an amazing essential oil company, Plant Therapy. I grew up in a family where we used essential oils all the time. When I started working for Plant Therapy I quickly found a desire in myself to help people learn how to use essential oils safely. I personally had a horrible experience with essential oils many, many years ago and I didn't want that to happen to anybody else. I decided that I wanted to become certified in aromatherapy so that I could do everything I could to help educate Plant Therapy's customers and every other essential oil user. Through my education and desire, I have seen the confidence grow in so many essential oil users. I am grateful every day that I have had a part in that!

What I loved about Aromahead:

Oh Aromahead! As a working mother of two, I am beyond grateful that Aromahead has provided an amazing program where I could work at my own pace. The program exceeded my expectations! Not only did I learn so much more about essential oils, their chemical constituents, safety precautions and the human body, I also was able to experience hands on aromatherapy with the case studies. I was able to make a difference in 5 different people's lives and help them learn the amazing benefits that come from using essential oils safely and correctly!