Graduate: Robin Kessler

Robin Kessler

Robin Kessler
RBK Aromatherapy

Monrow Township, NJ, NJ

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I work with clients by using Aromatherapy to fit their needs. I am also the Aromatherapy Consultant for the Stein Hospice Organization


I am now a Certified Aromatherapist.

I started dabbling in Aromatherapy because I cannot take antibiotics (unless I have no choice) because I am allergic to most of them, so i need to find alternative methods to help my immune system fight. I started researching and found that Aromatherapy might be the solution for my needs.  As i researched and became more familiar with Essential Oils, I joined a few Facebook groups on Essential Oils and realized i needed much more education to safely use them.  I formed a face group called Safe Essential Oil Recipes Only! and with the help of a great group of ladies checking recipes and making sure they are safe, we grew from 50 users to over 11,000 now.  I felt I needed more education so the products I make, and the help I would give, family, friends and eventually clients would be safe for all.  I am still learning.  I have taken a few elective courses and i am  working On my Advanced Graduate Program.

I also give free seminars in NJ  to non profit organizations on "What is Aromatherapy and how to use it Safely"

I Am the New Jersey Representative for the Alliance of Aromatherapy Organization.

I recently became the Consultant for a large Hospice group in Central NJ.  I help thru the blends i make, those who are not quite ready to move on and those who are,  but just cannot let go.  I find this so rewarding that i can help make it a little easier to take the next step. I also work with those that have alzerhimer and dementia to give them more clarity.


What I loved about Aromahead:

What I learned about Aromahead Institute is how easy the courses are to take.  They are very organized and quite understandable.  Given that I am 62 I was scared at my age i would not be able to pick it all up and learn.  Boy was I wrong!!

Andrea makes it so easy to understand and I could not wait to get to the next lesson.  I also like when i email a question I get an answer within 24 hours.

I want to thank Andrea, Cindy and Mina for putting up with me and all the hard work they put into making this Institute the success it is.