Graduate: Sandra Beatty

Sandra Beatty

Sandra Beatty
HEARTSCENT aromatherapy


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HEARTSCENT is exactly that; something wonderful from the heart.  I spent so much of my professional life doing what I should; finally I am doing what I love.  I saved the best for last.


Currently I offer:

  • All natural body care products
  • Chakra Oils
  • Therapeutic Inhalers
  • Wellness Rollers
  • Salves, Oils and Lotions for various health concerns
  • Public Speaking on Wellness
  • Wellness Retreats and Workshops


My life has been a journey of discovery.  I worked as a chemist during the 1970s.  I started having major reactions to the most common chemicals. I found it difficult to sit next to anyone that wore scented products.  At that time, the body care industry was enamored with all these new chemicals. There weren't a lot of natural options. So, I made my own. I have been doing so every since.


Even though I love making body care products, I am passionate about blending essential oils for better health.  I have always had a very good sense of smell and loved chemistry, but I never imagined I would be such a natural at developing blends that are beneficial for so many concerns.  I don’t know why I am surprised.  I think it runs in my family.  My great-aunt Kate provided doctoring for Native Americans in the Boundary Waters area in the late 1890s.  It has only taken me 40 years to find my calling.