Graduate: Sherran Blair

Sherran Blair

Sherran Blair
Garden Gourmet

New Albany, OH

BA, Philosophy, Univ. of KY, 1964

MAT, Manhattanville College, 1968

EdD, U Mass, 1974

Pres. Ohio Bankers Assoc. 2001

Judge, Floral Design, Garden Club of America since 1998



My business began over 30 years ago as a gardener supplying fresh herbs to chefs and creating flower arrangements from my gardens and fields. While a teacher, research analyst and, finally, bank president as a full time professional, my ties to the earth and appreciation for the gifts of nature have always been strong. Aromatherapy study has enabled me to share my knowledge with friends and co-workers making all of our lives richer, healthier and more joyful.