Graduate: Stephanie Lisell

Stephanie Lisell

Stephanie Lisell
The Art of Family

Woodland Hills, CA

The Art of Family was created to sell my handmade jewelry.  I am going to add a 'Home' addition to sell bath salts, bomb, shower steamers, soap, and possibly candles.

I think once I get my feet wet, moving on to selling more customer products will be the next step.  


Quite frankly, I hate talking about myself!  I am a full time project manager.  I make my jewelry and essential oil blends in my spare time.  

I have 3 cats that are very much part of my process.  They have to inspect and approve of every piece of jewelry I make!



What I loved about Aromahead:

Aromahead Institute has been fantastic.  The program is set up to truly allow you to go at your own pace and still feel like you are included.

Marissa B., who reviewed my case studies, made me feel that there were no wrong approaches.  She gently guided me with suggestions that would make the blends more successful in the future.