Graduate: Susan Frey

Susan Frey

Susan Frey
Aromatherapy For Wellness

Windsor Mill, MD

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I have developed an aromatherapy program here in Maryland where I meet the health and wellness needs of people and their animals through aromatherapy. Some of the activities that I do here are:

  • Teach Aromatherapy classes and workshops on topics for people and for their pets
  • Online and in person consultations about aromatherapy.
  • Consult and work with Vets and Grooming facilities to bring Aromatherapy to their clients
  • Developed the Animal Aromatherapy Alignment Kit that is becoming very popular with Rescues and Shelters.  It helps improve the health and wellness of the emotional and physical systems of the animal which helps them become adoptable faster.
  • Animal Aromatherapy Alignment Kits can be purchased from my website.





My website is:

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