Graduate: Suzanne Nicklas

Suzanne Nicklas

Suzanne Nicklas
Pink Lotus Wellness

Summerville, SC

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Pink Lotus Wellness is dedicated to providing support on your journey to wellness.  Whether it is a yoga class you are looking for or an aromatherapy product, we have what you are looking for and more.  Through our classes and workshops, you will be supported in health and wellness.  Through our specialty products we will help you to feel your healthiest, physically and emotionally.   Let's journey together in health!


My true joy in life is my family!  My passion in life is health and wellness!  Through years of searching for the best alternatives for myself and my family, as well as formal education, I am able to bring the best, supportive care to those that I work with.  Whether you are taking a yoga class, having a baby or learning to make your own essential oil lip balm, I will support you along the way.

As a RN, I have always had an interest in bringing the body and mind back to a state of wholeness.  In todays busy world, we are constantly stressing our bodies and minds.  While Western medicine is needed, the eastern practices of meditation, yoga and Reiki can help bring more balance to our lives.  I have a love of essential oils and herbs and as a certified aromatherapist, I work with people to create products that will bring joy and healing to their lives.  I also love coffee, blogging, chocolate, spending time outdoors and reading.

What I loved about Aromahead:

I absolutely loved my learning experience with Aromahead.  I had support from everyone, especially my case studies instructor, Ann.  She was very supportive and always offered me resources to further my learning.  I can't say enough about my entire experience at Aromahead.  I want to take more and more classes!!!