Graduate: Sylvia Johnson

Sylvia Johnson

Sylvia Johnson
Therapia Phusei Consultant

Detroit, MI

I create products that fit my clients' concerns. My products assist in many health concerns. I've worked with fibromyalgia patients including myself and daughter. My preferred specialty is working with individuals dealing with emotional trauma.


Hello my name is Sylvia Johnson, I am a proud mother of five wonderful loving children and two fantastic and loving grandchildren. I do what I do because as a child I suffered depression which carried over into my adult life and sadly, my parenting life. I know firsthand just how detrimental it is to heal past and current emotional trauma. I've dedicated my life to assisting individuals toward emotional stability. This overwhelming desire began in early childhood, I am proud to be the owner of Therapia Phusei Consultant a company designed to assist individuals toward their personal journey to health and well-being. As an aromatherapist I am confident in my ability to accomplish my life long desire!