Graduate: Tama Montgomery

Tama Montgomery

Tama Montgomery
Gaia's Favor

San Jose, CA

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Specializing in pure, organic products harvested from the gifts of nature to support the body and restore harmony, beauty, and vitality to your life.  


I am a Mother of three, and Grandmother of six beautiful children.  My interest in essential oils developed while trying to find holistic, home-based remedies for the injuries and illnesses faced by my family.  This journey has been very exciting and I am so grateful for the glorious bounty offered by Mother Earth.  

What I loved about Aromahead:

My education through Aromahead has literally changed my life and those of my family.  Andrea and the team have done a fantastic job of breaking down all of the information regarding essential oil safety, chemistry, components, and remedies into a format that is easy to learn and retain.  Thank you so much!!