Graduate: Tatiana Hickey

Tatiana Hickey

Tatiana Hickey
Private Practice

Galway , Galway , Ireland (Eire)


Warm greetings! I am a psychologist fascinated by the healing power of essential oils. I have been using aromatics for myself for over two decades, yet only now beginning to incorporate aromatherapy into my psychological services. Aromahead provided me with knowledge and confidence to use essential oils for the benefit of my clients. I have only tried aromatherapy in combination with psychology  for a very few clients so far, but the results are truly astonishing! I am so happy and proud to finally become a Certified Professional Aromatherapist!

What I loved about Aromahead:

I loved so many things about Aromahead, where would I even start? :) The courses are very well organised and thought through, which makes them super easy to follow step-by-step. Unlimited access to all the information is incredibly convenient even after completing the course. It is my go-to reference source number one. Andrea's warm and radiant energy filled this study with joy for me! The entire team at Aromahead is incredible, and I've experienced nothing but the highest level of professionalism and empowering support from everyone here. Thank you all very much!