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Terese Miller

Terese Miller

St. Petersburg, FL

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Essential Elements School Of Aromatic Studies is a NAHA approved school offering a full Curriculum of Workshops, two day Classes and The Aromatherapy Certification Program (235 hours).

 We are Continuing Education Providers in Florida for AP's and LMT's. All classes and workshops include CE credits.

2015 being a credentialing year for LMT's and AP's we will be offering our (2 day) Introduction to Therapeutic Uses of Essential oils. This class covers 24 essential oils. Through lecture, discussion and lot's of blending activities a student will have the skill set to safely add Aromatherapy to their existing practices.( For LMT's this class qualifies as a hands on class.) We will offer this class three time prior to the August 31st deadline.

AROMA QI THERAPY will be offered in St. Petersburg, Florida. This class delves into understanding Ancient Chinese Taoist 5 Element energetics. Terese has developed 5 Phase blends by choosing oils that reflect the botanical energetics inherent in each Phase. Learn how to use these blends to enhance wellbeing. Experience a Taoist approach to working with QI. (Blends are included in tuition).

Terese is currently working on writing online coursework for AROMA QI THERAPY. Through Webinars and guided exercises in experiential self study, a student can develop an understanding of Ancient Chinese Taoist practice and Five Phase Energetics.The coursework would lead a student to an understanding of how to utilize Aroma QI Elemental Blends or even develop blends of their own imagining.

We are also open to scheduling private Green Cleaning Workshops that include children. This is a fun and educational activity for parents and children alike. We are happy to schedule with a minimum of 5 people attending. Children receive a reduced rate.

Essential Elements  offers the highest quality Essential Oils and hand made Aromatherapy Blends onsite or online. All of our Essential Oils are Organic or Wildcrafted with gc/ms reports available. Our product line is made in small batches to ensure freshness.

DON'T MISS our AROMASPHERES! Bisque fired clay pieces and inspirational words that act as a pottery potpourri for diffusing essential oil blends in an intimate area without a power source. Use your own blends or better yet try some of our fabulous blends designed specifically for clay diffusing.Our Holiday Spice and Winter Forest are perfect for the upcoming Holidays!

Please visit our website for more information on products and classes. We would love to answer any questions you might have regarding both our Products and our Educational programming.
PHONE  727-327-1309.

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"I have never felt more inspired by the power that nature holds to heal the wounds of the planet and her people.  I have a profound desire to share the story of Essential Oils and it's impact on my life and the lives of those I will touch."

Terese M. Miller has practiced as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and a practitioner of Visionary Cranial Sacral Work for 29 years. She has been formally dedicated to Essential Oils in her life and practice since 1996. Terese is a graduate of Aromahead Institutes Scholars Program and has been Certified by Andrea Butje to teach The ACP (levels l & ll).

Terese is a dedicated Clinical Practitioner who brings years of experience with clients utilizing an integrated approach regarding essential oils. 

"I have been blessed in my practice to see the power of many models of aromatic blending in action. I blend from a scientific (component based) perspective, a 'wise woman' body of accumulated empirical collection, and now a FIVE ELEMENT base of ancient Chinese wisdom I call AROMA QI THERAPY."

In 2006 Terese co-founded Essential Elements and Essential Elements School of Aromatic Studies with Minta L. Meyer who is an LMT and also a Certified Aromatherapy Practitioner and Educator. 

2016 marks a year of great change. We have moved our local presence to our website. Our store is online now with free delivery to locals. Our 2017 curriculum will be finalized by October, 2016.

A longtime supporter of the vision of our USA based international aromatherapy organizations, Terese has acted as Florida State Representative for AIA. She has presented a Teleseminar for NAHA and was the November 19, 2014 presenter for AIA. 

"It would be difficult to calculate the volume of benefit derived from the presence and tireless support of the individuals who give of their time to move the field of Aromatherapy forward into the center of modern Complementary Medicine. It has been an honor to contribute in some small way. I urge all Aromatherapists to do the same. You will grow on a personal level and know that you were part of a powerful historical movement"


Terese has been published in The International Journal Of Professional Holistic Aromatherapy, and Conscious Shift Magazine.

Terese is currently working on new curriculum and writing for her BLOG which will go live January 2016.

You can access ongoing information by finding: Terese Marie Miller Doctor of Oriental Medicine on Facebook.

What I loved about Aromahead:

My experience at AROMAHEAD INSTITUTE was so much fun and career defining, that once I began I could not wait to take the next class until suddenly I had completed The Scholars Program. Andrea brings new meaning to the concept of learning. Every class is brimming with new concepts, the very latest research and data and bountiful fun! Andrea is a gracious teacher who truly cares about her students. I am a much better teacher myself because of the example set by her everyday.

Her Online Educational Program is a testament to creative teaching. Everything from embedded blending and lecture videos to amazing 'one on one' email access creates an atmosphere that makes distance learning excitng. A student forum allows for inspiring dialogue between fellow students.creating a real Aromahead community!