Graduate: Terri Abel

Terri Abel

Terri Abel

Carvel, Alberta, Canada

At the moment I am making products, some being carried by a local spa and selling seasonally at a local market.  I am also working individually with clients.  I have a special interest in mental health.  I am also studying acupuncture and I am already in a place in my program where I can use aromatherapy in massage.  I am excited about the possibilities.


I have loved plants and healing for as long as I can remember.  When I faced health problems of my own, my learning began.  I have found the study of Aromatherapy to be particularly healing as I lost a son to leukemia a few years ago and found the work with oils to be helpful in the process of my healing and grieving.

What I loved about Aromahead:

Many people come in and take the course and finish very quickly.  I had finished the course work, but had a deep need to "play" with the oils and re-learn.  SO, I would study, get to know the oils, then study some more.  I spent two and half years doing the course, but not because I had not done the work, but because I needed to experience the oils to fully integrate my learning and understand how to use them most effectively.  I have loved the support and flexibility to do this in the way that was the best learning for me.