Graduate: Terri Hirschmann

Terri Hirschmann

Terri Hirschmann
makemine Bodycare

Edgewater, MD

I believe natural is sexy and beautiful. To convince others, I created makemine Bodycare, a luxurious line of aromatic products to moisturize, detoxify, relax, and rejuvenate naturally.


My obsession for natural and effective bodycare led to a certification in aromatherapy at Aromahead Institute. Under the guidance of my chemist brother, I experimented and tested my natural bodycare recipes on family and friends.

These products were so well received that a friend and I decided to share these products with others and start a fabulous new business - makemine Bodycare - that helps, heals and enhances naturally.

My new blog, A Natural Girl’s Guide, is my opportunity to share recipes, green beauty tips and product discoveries to help others naturally nourish, treat and care for your body. As I reduce the preservatives and chemicals that I put both in and on my body, I feel more energized than ever. I hope you give some of my favorite discoveries a try!