Graduate: Tosha Smith

Tosha Smith

Tosha Smith
EcoBerry Botanicals, LLC.

Mooresville, NC

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EcoBerry Botanicals is a company based on "Making the Switch" to natural non-toxic living. Not only do we offer wonderful products made from the Himalayan Soapberry, but we incorporate the wonder of essential oils wherever possible. Essentials oils uplift the spirit, relax the mind and clean and disinfect very effectively. EcoBerry home cleaning care products are inspired by the wonderful gifts that Mother Nature has supplied to us for true, honest and authentic clean living. 


I am a nature girl that has always gravitated toward truth, honesty & authenticity. I am also a mother of three growing boys and am motivated to teach them about the incredible value nature brings to our lives. Aromatherapy fills all those needs and more. In addition, I am being trained as an Environmental Toxins Expert and am interested in sharing the wonderful truths & benefits of living with essential oils by ways of replacing harmful chemical filled products with the gifts from Mother Nature herself. Our homes can be laden with toxins and are negatively affecting our health as well as our quality of life. This was my inspiration in starting my company EcoBerry Botanicals. I will be offering a full line of non-toxic laundry care, home care cleaning products as well as a few chic eco-friendly lifestyle products. Peace, Love & Aromatherapy!