Graduate: Traci Dalrymple

Traci Dalrymple

Traci Dalrymple

Rotonda, FL

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Our goal is to help people achieve a higher quality of life with organic body care products.  We use the highest quality essential oils, unrefined organic vegetable oils and other raw ingredients in their purest forms. In addition to placing great emphasis on the quality and therapeutic value of our products we are a Green company.  We implement sustainable business practices through recycling, conserving, and educating our customers how they can contribute to a greener future.  Our website is still in the creation process but will be up in the next 2 weeks.



My story begins 9 years ago in Japan where the use of essential oils as part of natural healing and wellness was first introduced to me by a friend from Australia.  I began using lavender for anxiety and tagetes for my callused feet after ballet classes.  This was the beginning of a life long study of essential oils, plants, aromatherapy and holistic healing for me.  I traveled to Bali, Indonesia on my way back home and fell in love with the island and the people researching their spas and aromatherapy industry while I was there.  After returning to the States I began working in Spa Management at the Red Door Spa in Tucson, Arizona.  I relocated to Florida 2 years ago to manage a Spa where I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to create treatment protocols, aromatherapy products and spa menus.   I am so glad I took the opportunity because if I hadn't I may never have found Andrea at Aromatics International where I received my aromatherapy certification last year.