Graduate: Tracie Baxter

Tracie Baxter

Tracie Baxter
Still Waters Massage & Aromatherapy

Whitney Point, NY

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I love working with people to help them deal with their ailments or life in a more natural, holistic way.  By incorporating my massage and aromatherapy I am able to do this.  My patients are always amazed by what the essential oils can do for them.  Several of patients no longer need medications because they are able to get the affect they need by using the oils.  My goal is to educate people on the correct use of the oils by offering small classes that allow for a more personal approach to aromatherapy and it's many therapeutic values.

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I am a busy mother of three who wanted a more holistic way to raise my children.  I am happy to say that my twins are now almost six and we have only had to use antibiotics one time thanks to the aromatherapy skills I have learned over the last 8 years and continue to learn.