Graduate: Val Rahamut

Val Rahamut

Val Rahamut
Val Rahamut, RN, BSN, LSN - Natural Health and Wellness Advocate

Thurman, OH

My business focuses on my clients physical, spiritual, and emotional needs. I make blends according to the problem described, how long it has manifested, likes and dislikes in aromas of the oils, and how well the blends works. Every person is different. That is what keeps this business interesting. The most rewarding is when a client writes, emails, or texts and tells me how much better the blend has helped. My goal and mission is to help people feel better and lead a more productive life.


I am a Registered Nurse who believes in natural medicine and the use of essential oils to help improve the health of individuals. Essential oils are safer, cheaper, more reliable, and more effective than over-the-counter or prescribed drugs. When used properly, they offer many benefits and have few, if any, side effects.

What I loved about Aromahead:

The self-paced classes were a plus for my busy schedule. I was able to work on my case studies, classes, and research paper at my convenience. I really enjoyed the videos that explained the lessons and how to make the blends. I also like that we are able to revisit them at any time. Thank you Andrea for developing Aromahead Institute:Aromatherapy School.