Get Started with Aromatherapy

Where should I begin?

Personal Interest

Aromatherapy for Natural Living: Use Aromatherapy in every area of your life! Learn to make safe and effective essential oil products for body care, natural cleaning, and caring for your family.

Massage Therapist

Aromatherapy for Massage: Enhance your Massage practice with essential oils! Learn to blend for clients’ specific physical and emotional issues, and increase your business with Aromatherapy products.

Certified Aromatherapist

Aromatherapy Certification Program: Master the art and science of Aromatherapy! This internationally recognized program is the heart of Aromahead Institute, and one of our most popular courses.

Advanced Practitioner

The Scholar's Program: A 400-hour program that includes the study of over 100 essential oils and advanced essential oil chemsitry and blending techniques.

How Does the Virtual Classroom Work?

Upon enrollment, students quickly become engaged in a dynamic, digital community through access to an exclusive interactive forum where students are encouraged to collaborate, share therapeutic recipes and advice as a supplement to their required coursework.

Each course includes a wealth of original written materials, exclusive instructional videos and hands on activities to be completed at an individualized pace. The Aromahead Institute fosters a unique learning environment that does not impose deadlines or regimented classroom hours.

Students have unlimited, never ending access to their classes, academic resources and personalized support services as their time and schedule allows.

Andrea has created an online classroom environment that makes learning enjoyable and interactive. She teaches with humor, patience and just the right amount of repetition empowering students to excel even in courses such as chemistry and anatomy that some may initially find intimidating.

Careers in Aromatherapy

Through in-depth study of the therapeutic uses of essential oils, students become professionally qualified and go on to create essential oil retail businesses, web retail stores, therapeutic product lines, and consultation services. They work in spas, teach classes, start their own schools, write for journals, magazines and online businesses, teach at massage school, work in hospice programs, massage clinics, alternative health clinics and more. See the Graduate Directory.