How To Know Exactly Which Oils To Use In Your Blends

3 min to read
Andrea Butje

Have you ever wanted to make an Aromatherapy blend, but you didn't have the essential oils in the recipe?

In that case, you might find yourself saying something like, "Black Spruce essential oil? What is that? And what can I use instead so I can make this blend effectively?"

What about phototoxicity? Do you feel confident blending with phototoxic citrus essential oils such as Lemon, which can potentially cause skin reactions in sunlight?

Are you sometimes confused by aspects of Aromatherapy like this?

I think you'd really enjoy the confidence that comes with becoming an Aromatherapy expert.

Understanding the ins and outs of essential oils can help you know which oil to substitute instead of black spruce, Picea mariana (try hemlock, Tsuga canadensis), and how many drops of lemon to use in 2 oz of jojoba (stick with 12 drops or less per 1 oz of carrier, and you'll be fine).

Being an expert in Aromatherapy can also help you with issues such as:

  • Understanding how to blend safely for children (even babies) and pregnant women, so you can help them without worrying about causing reactions.

  • Finally master blending dilutions, so you know whether to dilute an essential oil at 1, 2, or 3%, and how to mathematically calculate that dilution.

  • Grasping basic essential oil chemistry so you understand why different essential oils have different effects and safety considerations, and you can choose the right ones for your blends based on science.

  • By understanding how essential oils work with the body, you can know what kinds of blends to make to complement the body's natural healing processes.

  • Reading GC/MS reports, so you can identify whether an essential oil is pure or unadulterated. (Purity has a big impact on your blends since adulterated oils can cause negative reactions.)

  • Finally learning to correctly pronounce all those Latin names!

Having the confidence to make the right blends for your family and friends is one of the most rewarding aspects of being an Aromatherapy expert.

There is nothing better than knowing in your heart that you helped someone feel better with a natural blend you made based on your knowledge of science and research!

Gain the knowledge and skills you need to make therapeutically effective essential oil blends! The Aromatherapy Certification Program provides you with the highest-quality aromatherapy education available so you can feel 100% confident in your ability to use your essential oils safely and effectively. You’ll gain the expertise needed to create blends for others – and even transform your career!