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All Levels

Aromatherapy for Natural Living

Learn to use essential oils to enhance health and wellbeing and keep a clean, green household. You’ll gain an in-depth understanding of 18 popular essential oils, make natural remedies to address common health issues, create natural home and body care products that smell amazing, and more.

$ 299.00
All Levels

Aromatherapy Certification Program

This program will build a solid foundation of knowledge for anyone who would like to enhance wellness for themselves or others through safe and effective aromatherapy. You'll get an in-depth look at the chemistry that powers the therapeutic effects of essential oils and gain the insights needed to create blends that support specific health conditions. When you complete the program, you'll receive a valuable certification that's recognized by industry-leading organizations.

$ 2195.00
All Levels
Short Courses

5 Essential Oils for a Happy Belly

Concepts and essential oil remedies to support a healthy digestive system that needs extra situational support. In this workshop, you will learn why specific oils work so well and ways to use them effectively. This stand-alone workshop is part of a series that includes 3 Blue Oils for Pain and inflammation Relief and First Aid Remedies With 3 Essential Oils and Aloe Vera.

$ 59.00

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