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Certification Program Graduates

Pamela Gomez

My mom passed in 1994 but what I had learned I wanted to share. I started using essential oils and sharing with family and friends. In 2010, I witnessed the benefits of aromatherapy work on persons who attended my public events.

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Anunziata Laganis
Aromahead gave me the time to complete my course over a 2 year period. The course is well designed and thorough and the support from the teachers was encouraging. I really love the forum and how that I can continue to access the course notes and the community within the forum.
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Grace Nicolaci
Aromahead has given me the opportunity to learn the art of aromatherapy. It has made learning easy and interesting. The information learnt in the course is substantial and it includes a portal to continue learning and accessing information. It doesn't end here. The aromatherapy community is alive and firing, which helps continue the learning and to interact with like minded people. Congratulations Andrea and team for a wonderful course, website and forum. I now have my certificate :)
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Sarah Lock
The way Aromahead is set up makes the learning so much fun. Having direct access to Andrea brings such a personal element to the course and made me feel included despite being so far away! All of the information offered is well set out and easily understood - I can't believe I have learnt so much.
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Alexine Jackman
My experience with Aromahead Institute was exciting and rewarding. The information was delivered in a way which was easy to understand, inspired confidence and made me feel excited about learning more. I also loved that despite the self-paced study, there was still a personal touch. Any questions were answered readily and feedback on assignments was prompt and thorough. I was pleasantly surprised at the power of essential oils but I can now boast of being able to make my own personal care products and they work even better than the store-bought ones!
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Kristien Lemmens
I loved the synergy between Andreas and Cindy's teaching! They make learning so fun and interesting! The webinars are super interesting. Loved them all! Thank you both for this wonderful program!
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Kristina Gagliardi-Wilson

Kristen supported her mom through breast cancer by replacing toxic chemicals with her own, all-natural body care products.

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Khamissa Xerri
The specific class that was very interesting was the ones with the skin nourishing oils which I am also going to use for my brand.
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Jeanine Gordon

Jeanine, a member of the Cayuse and Walla Walla Native American Tribes, keeps her heritage alive with natural plant therapies.

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Yan Oberlaender
What I liked about was the clear and didactic way which information is passed. It was quite easily to understand and when necessary, I know I have a reliable source for consultation on essential oils. I recommend classes for all people who ask me where to learn about Aromatherapy.
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Jessica Goniea

Aromahead graduate Jessica Goniea wanted to support her skin’s natural healing processes and began studying herbalism, nutrition, and aromatherapy to treat her adult-onset acne.

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Edie Pett
I am a Naturopath, Aromatherapist and Chiropractor specializing in Iridology. My passion is using natural medicine to assist people's health through prevention of imbalances that may lead to disease. I have been engaged in the world of natural medicine for over 30 years! The addition of essential oils into my work and life has been fun, satisfying and quite successful!
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Chris Carrothers
I have always been involved in health care. I literally went 'head to toe' after a long and happy career as a Dental Assistant to becoming Certified Reflexologist in 1996. I was inspired by my reflexology instructor to explore the world of aromatherapy. In 1999, I completed my Aromatherapy studies Institute of Clinical Aromatherapy (London, England) at Balnea Institute. I have been a member of CFA (Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists) since 2000 as a Certified Aromatherapy Health Professional and a recognized instructor since 2002. In 2010, after training at Aromahead Institute, I became a professional member and approved educator with NAHA. As a dedicated, life long learner, I have blended my love of travel with my passion for learning and have attended conferences and courses in France, Australia, United States and of course, across Canada. Steps to Health grew out of my desire to help others and share information to assist them along their natural pathway to wellness!
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Marianne Tavares
"I loved the Advanced Graduate Program. Because it took me longer than I had expected to complete, I think I learnt even more because I had to keep repeating modules before moving to the next!" Marianne was a registered nurse in the UK for 30 years and has a Masters Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling. She worked in complementary therapies in palliative care in the U.K. for 10 years prior to emigrating to Canada about three years' ago. Marianne is now Complementary Therapy Consultant at Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital, north of Toronto. She leads the integrated complementary therapy program at the hospital's palliative care unit. The team of complementary therapists provides Massage/Aromatherapy, Reiki and Therapeutic TouchTM at the hospital and Hill House Hospice, using an integrated approach which includes engaging in psycho-spiritual support. As a member of the interdisciplinary team, she works closely with doctors, nurses, social workers and the spiritual care team. In 2011 she published Complementary Therapy Standards with Hospice Palliative Care Ontario, as well as an evidence-based book on Integrating Clinical Aromatherapy in Specialist Palliative Care. email:
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Jennifer Lane

Jennifer convinced her kids to ask for essential oils instead of unnecessary medications to deal with life’s little discomforts.

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Sarah Feiner
Aromahead had a lot of very useful information about the chemistry which really painted a clearer picture of how essential oils work together, and how they support our health.
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Terri Abel
Many people come in and take the course and finish very quickly. I had finished the course work, but had a deep need to "play" with the oils and re-learn. SO, I would study, get to know the oils, then study some more. I spent two and half years doing the course, but not because I had not done the work, but because I needed to experience the oils to fully integrate my learning and understand how to use them most effectively. I have loved the support and flexibility to do this in the way that was the best learning for me.
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Jenny Spitz
I love the community and support at Aromahead and on the student forum. I genuinely believe the instructors love what they do and it shows. I will be back for more courses at Aromahead, I love it so much.
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