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Aromahead Graduates (1121)

Pamela Gomez

My mom passed in 1994 but what I had learned I wanted to share. I started using essential oils and sharing with family and friends. In 2010, I witnessed the benefits of aromatherapy work on persons who attended my public events.

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Grace Nicolaci
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Alexine Jackman
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Kristien Lemmens
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Kristina Gagliardi-Wilson

Kristen supported her mom through breast cancer by replacing toxic chemicals with her own, all-natural body care products.

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Jeanine Gordon

Jeanine, a member of the Cayuse and Walla Walla Native American Tribes, keeps her heritage alive with natural plant therapies.

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Jessica Goniea

Aromahead graduate Jessica Goniea wanted to support her skin’s natural healing processes and began studying herbalism, nutrition, and aromatherapy to treat her adult-onset acne.

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Chris Carrothers
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Marianne Tavares
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Jennifer Lane

Jennifer convinced her kids to ask for essential oils instead of unnecessary medications to deal with life’s little discomforts.

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