Kristien Lemmens

About me:

Hi! My name is Kristien, a proud mother of our son Lennart and Married since 1997. My passions are Horses and Essential oils. When I subscribed for the ACP, I was a bit afraid of studying in a foreign language. You see, I’m from Belgium and my mother language is Dutch. It has been decades since I’ve really studied this kind of material and my brain is aging… not only because I’m in the ends of my 40’s, but also from having a brain fog for years, due to my immune system that is clogging since my early 20’s (I’m an arthritis patient). I never, ever thought that I could take up a study once again, let alone in English… But 3 years ago I discovered Essential oils and in these years my health improved, so I really wanted to learn more about them, so I can use them correctly. There is lot of wrong information on the internet and to me health is not something you ‘play’ with. I absolutely loved learning for the first time in my life! Now I’ve got so many more ideas on how to incorporate essential oils in my daily life and I’m sure my health will even improve more and more. My next goals are studying ‘essential oils and animals’ and of course the advanced graduate course. I can’t stop learning!