Kristina Gagliardi-Wilson

About me:

Kristina Gagliardi-Wilson is the Founder and CEO of Poofy Organics, an organic personal care products company located in Rutherford, New Jersey. She is a graduate of Rutgers University where she received a BA in psychology. Kristina received a double Masters of Education from Saint Peter’s University and Montclair University. Before graduation, Kristina held several retail management careers which helped to lay the foundation for Poofy Organics. After graduation, she launched her career in several teaching positions ending as an adjunct professor, teaching students in a masters program at Montclair University. Kristina’s career shifted dramatically when a family member was diagnosed with cancer. She was determined for her family to stop using products laden with toxic chemicals. With no suitable alternatives to turn to, Kristina poured herself into years of research until she felt confident enough to make her own products. Kristina has become a well-known name in the personal care industry, having spent nearly a decade creating and manufacturing products for Poofy Organics. Poofy Organics is a USDA Certified Organic operation and Kristina is responsible for overseeing the entire operation including all aspects of the certification. In addition, she works as a private label product specialist for several contracted companies and a personal mentor and educator to all of her sales consultants. Kristina is a certified aromatherapist which shows her dedication to the safety and usage of essential oils in the products she creates. She has an avid following and often consults for a variety of blogs and publications dealing with organic integrity and natural personal care products. Passionate about truly organic products and its possibilities , Kristina can provide various services to those looking to successfully launch their company into this highly desirable market.