Essential Oil Safety

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Andrea Butje

Essential Oil Safety: The Aromahead Approach®

As staunch advocates for the benefits of essential oils, we're continually amazed at the transformative abilities these potent little bottles offer. The beauty of essential oils lies in their natural potency and transformative abilities. When used with an understanding of safety in mind, the results are nothing short of effective!

The Optimal Methods: Topical and Inhalation

While the internal use of essential oils is suggested by some, we believe in a cautious approach. A deep understanding of anatomy, physiology, and essential oil chemistry is necessary before internal use is considered. We find that 99% of the time, effective results are achieved through topical application or inhalation, not internal consumption. Therefore, these methods are our recommended approach until you're fully confident about internal use implications.

Topical use at a dilution of 1%-3% or inhalation carries fewer safety concerns. We have many recipes to guide you!

Phototoxic Concerns and Irritation

Certain oils like Peppermint and Lemongrass can be highly skin irritating.  Others, like cold-pressed Lime and Bergamot, can be phototoxic. Using these oils inappropriately could cause serious skin burns and in some instances permanent discoloration of the skin.  Therefore, anyone incorporating essential oils into therapeutic, bath, or skincare products must be fully aware of these potential risks. Using these essential oils topically is great as long as proper dilution guidelines are followed.

Safely Incorporating Aromatherapy in our Pets' Lives

Incorporating aromatherapy into the lives of our furry friends can be done safely and effectively, provided it's done with the right knowledge and care. Essential oil usage around animals should be carried out thoughtfully, considering their specific needs and responses. We've prepared a detailed blog on this intriguing topic that we invite you to read. It aims to empower you with the knowledge needed to use aromatherapy safely with your pets. Read More Here.

 A Gentle Approach with Young Children

Children's skin, particularly those under five years, is incredibly sensitive. We strongly recommend against the direct application of essential oils on their skin. Once children reach five years of age, we can cautiously introduce mild oils at a 1% dilution. However, it's crucial to remember that some aromas can be too strong for little noses, such as oils that contain 1,8-cineole like Eucalyptus globules. A great way to introduce the benefits of essential oils to children of any age is to diffuse the oils into the room - a safe and effective method.

At Aromahead, we firmly believe that knowledge is empowering, especially when it comes to essential oils. A solid understanding of essential oil safety allows us to harness the therapeutic benefits of these natural wonders and reap their benefits without harm.

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