Three Aromatherapy Spring Cleaning Recipes

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Karen Williams

Aromatherapy spring cleaning recipes to revitalize your home!

Cleaning can be nourishing—and yes, even fun!—when you make your own natural cleaning recipes. Spring is a great time to do that. It's associated with new beginnings, and cleaning helps us embrace beginnings with a fresh, open mindset. 

Here are some Aromatherapy spring cleaning recipes that can help. I recommend making these products fresh every few weeks.

Toilet Freshener

After you clean your toilet, you can use this spray to keep it smelling fresh and reduce germ growth. You can just keep your little bottle of spray on the back of your toilet, or on the bathroom sink, and spritz it in the toilet bowl after every flush.

  • 1 oz (30 ml) water

  • 1 tsp Castile soap

  • 5 drops Tea Tree essential oil (Melaleuca alternifolia)

  • 10 drops Lemon essential oil (Citrus limon)

  • 5 drops Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis)

Floor Cleaner

This is great for hardwood, tile, marble, and vinyl. I like using mops with removable terry cloth covers. (They're easy to clean after you clean with them!)

This recipe depends on whether you have small children or animals walking (or crawling!) around on your floors. If so, the Aromahead Approach is to use hydrosols and hot water. First, soak your mop in hot water. Then pour 1 teaspoon of Lavender hydrosol (Lavandula angustifolia) on the mop, and scrub your floors!

If you don't have young kids or pets, the Aromahead blend includes essential oil. Make a stock blend of Lavender and Lemon before you start cleaning. That way you won't have to reach for both essential oil bottles every time you need to add a little oil. Your oils will already be blended and ready to go! In a 5 ml stock bottle, combine:

  • 10 drops Lavender essential oil (Lavandula angustifolia)

  • 10 drops Lemon essential oil (Citrus limon)

Each time you dampen your mop, just put 1 drop of your stock blend right on the mop. Whatever you don't use on your floors, you can put in your diffuser.

Closet Spray

These hydrosol sprays are perfect for freshening up your closets after you go through and clean out old clothes, shoes, and accessories that you haven't worn in a long time. You can even leave your clothes hanging there while you spritz away. They'll smell wonderful when you wear them.

Make your spray in a 2 oz (60 ml) spray bottle.

Roses in the Closet!

  • 2 oz (60 ml) Rose hydrosol (Rosa damascena)

  • 1 drop Rose essential oil (Rosa damascena)

  • 4 drops Solubol

Loving the Wild Indoors!

  • 2 oz (60 ml) Frankincense hydrosol (Boswellia carterii)

  • 1 drop Cedarwood essential oil (Juniperus virginiana)

  • 4 drops Solubol

I like using glass bottles whenever possible. If glass isn't ideal for you, you can use PET plastic. PET plastic is known as a non-reactive plastic that doesn't leach.

Happy spring!

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