Introduction to Essential Oils

Students from over 125 countries around the world have signed up for Aromahead Institute's FREE Introduction to Essential Oils! Enjoy our beautiful online classroom  and learn how to use essential oils in your daily life and make wonderful blends for family and friends! 

Course Overview

  • Create a variety of therapeutic products, like body butters, lips balms, massage oils and more.
  • Learn how to use essential oils safely.
  • Build a solid foundation for your continued use and study of essential oils.
This popular course offers everything you need to know to get started. You may begin the moment you register. If you are excited to learn more about essential oils, this is the perfect place to begin!

How To Safely Use Essential Oils With Kids


Are you curious about how Aromatherapy can support kids with anxiety, colds & flu, sleep, and more – 100% naturally?

Do you want to learn how to use Essential Oils safely for children and babies?

This is the perfect webinar for you!

I created this FREE webinar to show you which essential oils are safe for children, how to use them and some fun & easy recipes you can make and use with your kids!

Protect Your Family From Colds & Flu


You may know that essential oils offer amazing benefits to clear up colds and the flu fast...or (better yet) prevent infections altogether. Now you're about to learn WHY they work, and HOW to use them successfully.

During this free webinar, you'll discover:

  • 3 essential oils that can skyrocket your family's immunity to prevent colds & flu
  • 1 big secret to helping kids sleep when they're congested and uncomfortable
  • Which essential oils calm sinus inflammation AND sinus headaches
  • How to use essential oils safely during cold & flu season
  • A quick + easy method of using essential oil chemistry to find substitutions for ANY essential oil (this is so helpful, and anyone can do it!)

Aromatherapy for Natural Living: Reduce Allergies Naturally


I used to suffer from allergies, and it’s hard to forget the misery of them. Years ago, I used essential oils to reduce my allergies. I came up with some easy and effective recipes that relieved my symptoms… for good!

I created this FREE webinar to show you how I did it using my favorite essential oils and aromatherapy blends. During the webinar you will learn five simple and effective aromatherapy blends to help you quickly reduce your allergies. I will teach you how a natural cleaning product can help with allergies and you get the recipe to make it yourself.

You also learn to make a natural hand cleanser recipe that replaces commercial hand sanitizers. This natural one is easier on your skin, and more supportive of your health.

Reduce Your Clients’ Pain Using Aromatherapy


I have taught thousands of Massage Therapists how to use essential oils in their practices. I’ve shared my favorite blends and have seen great results in pain reduction. I’d like to share these blends with you.

I created this FREE webinar to show you how to make two great essential oil blends that help relieve pain. People that already adore your massage work will be even happier when you create a product that helps relieve their pain and have a beautiful aroma!

During the webinar you will learn how to make a pain relieving massage butter and a custom essential oil inhaler for immediate relief from a tension headache. You will learn about six great essential oils to use in your massage practice so that you can confidently make and use these blends with great success!

How to Use Essential Oils in Your Everyday Life!


Would you like to learn how to use essential oils to relieve headaches? Have you ever wondered what the best way to store your essential oils is? Does learning how to make your own natural cleaning products sound exciting to you?

If you answered yes to these questions, join me on this free webinar!

You’ll learn three simple, effective Aromatherapy blends:

  • An essential oil blend to relieve headaches
  • A beautiful diffuser blend for restful sleep
  • A spray blend to clean your home…naturally!

Discover the art of blending essential oils to create natural products for yourself, your friends, and family!