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Created for the working adult student, our online Aromatherapy classes are built around your lifestyle. As soon as you register, you will have immediate, lifetime access to your course by logging into our beautiful user-friendly online classroom. Our original written materials, videos and interactive exercises make the learning process FUN! Your Aromatherapy courses, academic resources and support services are all easily accessible – forever. Get started now, and discover why thousands of students from more than 100 countries have chosen to study with Aromahead Institute. We can’t wait to welcome you to the Aromahead Institute family!

Become a Certified Aromatherapist

Aromatherapy Certification

Our 235-hour ACP (Aromatherapy Certification Program) is a great way to become professionally qualified in the therapeutic uses of Essential Oils. Being a Certified Aromatherapist helps people understand your dedication, and creates trust when people are just getting to know you.

You Will:

  • Build a strong foundation for a career in Aromatherapy OR complement your existing career or practice.
  • Create blends to support people with specific health challenges...and receive feedback + support from your personal case study instructor.
  • Earn TWO certificates – designating you first as an Essential Oil Specialist, then as a Certified Aromatherapist.
  • The Aromatherapy Certification Program is approved by The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA), and the Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA) — both leading governing bodies for educational standards for Aromatherapists.

Become an Essential Oil Specialist

Aromatherapy Certification

We created this certificate option for our students who are ready to deepen their knowledge of Essential Oils, but don't feel the need for an official certification. This is a fun and flexible way to deepen your knowledge of the art + science of Aromatherapy!

You Will:

  • Gain the confidence, credibility, and education you need to share your love of Essential Oils with the world.
  • Get our most in-depth Aromatherapy education – without the extra requirements needed to become a Certified Aromatherapist.
  • If you decide you'd like to continue on to become certified later, you no additional cost. (This option never expires!)
  • Our Essential Oil Specialist certificate is approved by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP), an independent accrediting board for alternative health educational institutions and programs.

Aromatherapy For Natural Living

Discover the art of blending essential oils to create natural remedies for your family!

This 36-hour blending course is designed especially for people wanting to learn how to use essential oils and natural products to safely address common issues affecting babies, children and adults alike. 

You will have the immediate satisfaction of creating practical and luxurious aromatherapy essentials beginning with basic tools found in most home kitchens.

Andrea will teach you how to make your lives healthier by replacing cleaning supplies with affordable, nontoxic alternatives you create yourself and making your own body care products such as cream, lip balm and bath salts.

How Do the Aromatherapy Classes Work?

This active, self-paced class introduces the fundamentals of aromatherapy and quickly immerses you into the process of creating practical remedies and products for your home and family.

Lessons are taught through a series of step-by-step videos and activities. Engaging reading materials prepared in Andrea’s thoughtful, good-humored style steadily guide you through each course milestone.

Click Learn More for a sampling of the products you will learn to create with Andrea’s expert guidance!

Continuing Education Units (CEUs): This program is approved for Massage Therapy by the NCBTMB and in Florida. Not applicable for continuing education in NYS.

Aromatherapy Teacher Training Program

Aromatherapy Certification

If you've ever wished there were a step-by-step guide to teaching your own in-person Aromatherapy classes, the 100-hour Aromatherapy Teacher Training Program is for you! This is an online class, teaching you to hold live, in-person classes with students in a classroom.
Andrea guides you in the art of teaching, helping you master everything from teaching students how to make Aromatherapy products, to organizing your class content and supplies, to creating a successful classroom environment.
You'll be given all of the materials for teaching five different lengths of live, in-person classes—lasting one hour, two hours, three hours, and one and two days. You'll receive class manuals, detailed outlines for structuring your class, 52 essential oil datasheets, handouts to supplement your students' learning, webinars, videos, and more. Andrea walks you through using each of these materials, so you know exactly what to do and how to do it.

Aromatherapy for Massage Therapists

This 36-hour Aromatherapy for Licensed Massage Therapists provides a comprehensive and exciting foundation for the use of essential oils in your bodywork practice. This class is designed for practicing massage therapists with no previous aromatherapist training.

Are you a Licensed Massage Therapist wanting to use essential oils? Do you want to grow your practice?

Gain proficiency in a core set of 20 essential oils taught by Andrea Butje, co-founder of the Finger Lakes School of Massage, and founder of Aromahead Institute. 

Learn the dynamics of olfaction, the CNS, and the stress response in practical, accessible language taught by Cindy Black, L.Ac, co-founder of the Finger Lakes School of Massage, and founder of Meridian Massage Institute.

Enjoy 12 exclusive videos featuring Andrea Butje demonstrating blending approaches and techniques! 

Upon completion of this class, you will be able to:

  • Grow your practice by adding Aromatherapy to your services
  • Create aromatic therapeutic products designed specifically for your client's concerns.
  • Reduce chronic and acute muscle pain and inflammation.
  • Understand how aromatherapy and massage profoundly affect the central nervous system. 

By taking this class, you benefit directly from Andrea and Cindy's decades of practice and study of massage therapy and aromatherapy. As with all of their classes, Aromatherapy for Massage Therapists is comprehensive, cutting edge and fun! 

Note: This Aromatherapy class does not provide a massage license.‚Äč

Continuing Education Units (CEUs): This program is approved for Massage Therapy by the NCBTMB, Florida and NYS.

How to Protect Your Family from Colds and Flu Using Essential Oils

Do you come down with at least one cold or flu every year? What about your kids? It’s no fun! I used to get a nasty cold every winter, and it’s hard to forget the misery of them.

In 1998 I started using essential oils for self-care, and since then I have come up with some incredibly effective recipes that really worked to keep me free of colds all year! I created this 3-hour video class to teach you which essential oils to use and how to make the blends. I’m confident that you can use them with the same success that I did.

Not applicable for continuing education in NYS.

Body Butters and Lip Balms

Aromahead’s popular, fun and accessible 14-hour Body Butters and Lip Balms class! Learn to work with carrier oils and body butters to create a variety of therapeutic body care products. Andrea walks you through the process of blending shea butter, cocoa butter, kombo butter, kpangnan butter, coconut oil and more.

  • Create body butters, lip balms, deodorant sticks and more.
  • Learn to blend proven recipes and your own original creations.

No previous understanding of aromatherapy or essential oils is required to complete this course and begin blending. It’s perfect for beginners with no previous aromatherapist training as well as practicing aromatherapists looking to improve their body butter blending techniques.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs): This program is approved for Massage Therapy by the NCBTMB and in Florida. Not applicable for continuing education in NYS.

Advanced Graduate Program Online

Take your knowledge of essential oils to the next level to better understand safe application, chemical properties, research reports, and to navigate confidently in clinical environments. During this exciting 125-hour professional-level aromatherapy training course, you will learn the chemistry, aromas and therapeutic uses of 26 essential oils.

The curriculum includes the advanced study of more than 25 specific essential oil components, their structures and therapeutic behaviors.

In this class, you will:

  • Study the chemical families, and the genus, species and chemotype of each oil.
  • Learn about a range of more exotic essential oils, not commonly referenced.
  • Learn to understand GC/MS reports, advanced research, and more.

This program includes lifetime free access to an advanced database of researched essential oil components and their therapeutic properties,  developed by Andrea Butje and edited by Jennifer Peace Rhind and Robert Tisserand. The cost is normally $750. For all students in the Advanced Graduate Program, there is no fee. 

Continuing Education Units (CEUs): This program is approved for Massage Therapy by the NCBTMB, Florida and NYS.

Online Component Blending

The 28-hour component blending class includes an in-depth study of the chemistry, therapeutic uses, and blending techniques for 15 different pine, spruce and fir essential oil species.

  • Learn the evidence-based medicinal properties of the main components within the oils.
  • Blend many wonderful recipes, including melt-and-pour bar soap and a rich body cream.
  • Get unlimited access to exclusive video tutorials, course materials and more.

Perfect for those looking to deepen their understanding of chemistry as it relates to aromatherapy.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs): This program is approved for Massage Therapy by the NCBTMB, Florida and NYS. 

Viruses and the Immune System

Get to know viruses—how they live, how they affect human physiology, and how the immune system responds to them—in this 21-hour class.

  • Learn natural, holistic methods for intervening in chronic and acute infections.
  • Use the right essential oil treatments by thinking holistically about the client’s case.
  • Nourish and protect Vital Energy.
  • Prevent viral spread, and support health for those with long-term immune deficiency problems.

A model of Holistic Approaches for treating viral infections is presented in order to support practitioners in their work with clients. This model helps clinicians find creative and appropriate essential oil treatments by thinking holistically about the unique individuals in need of healing.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs): This program is approved for Massage Therapy by the NCBTMB and in Florida. Not applicable for continuing education in NYS.