Advanced Graduate Program

Understanding The Practical Applications of Essential Oil Chemistry

Take your knowledge of essential oils to the next level!

The 125-hour Advanced Graduate Program is designed for Certified Aromatherapists who wish to continue their Aromatherapy studies online, deepen their understanding of the science of essential oils, and create therapeutic blends firmly grounded in chemistry and solid research.

During this professional level program, we'll take an in-depth look at 27 different essential oils and specific essential oil components. You'll learn about their molecular structures and therapeutic behaviors in language that's down to earth and makes learning the chemistry very practical.

Andrea has compiled scientific research on 67 major essential oil components into a user-friendly, searchable database (called the Aromahead Component Database). Membership to the database is usually $750, but you receive FREE lifetime membership when you register for the AGP! With the information in the AGP and the database, you'll be able to identify the medicinal actions of a particular oil or component quickly, and enhance your therapeutic blending skills.

Andrea Butje


Price: $1,600

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Meet Your Instructor

Andrea Butje, founder of Aromahead Institute, is an internationally recognized Aromatherapist and teacher who is changing the educational paradigm through her inspired approach to teaching online and creating community.

One of the most innovative online schools in the country, the Institute's elegant and intuitive classroom design makes navigating online learning a uniquely user-friendly experience.

The Aromahead Institute meets the rigorous training and certification qualifications of three highly respected organizations: the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA), the Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA) and the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA).

Since 1999, Aromahead Institute has had an extensive alumni network of international graduates who have gone on to pursue successful careers and businesses rooted in the vast network of the healing arts profession.

As a consultant to importers of high-quality essential oils, Andrea travels the world, building relationships with distillers and small organic farmers. In 2013, Andrea won the Alliance of International Aromatherapists's Lifetime Achievement Award for her innovative, heartfelt work in educating and connecting people involved in all aspects of the Aromatherapy industry—from distillers, to renowned authors, to beginners in the study.

Course Overview

Enrollment in the AGP includes FREE lifetime membership to an advanced database of researched essential oil components and their therapeutic properties (the Aromahead Component Database), developed by Andrea Butje and edited by Robert Tisserand.

In the AGP, you'll study less common essential oils sourced from plants grown and distilled in Madagascar, India, and Nepal (as well as several other countries). You'll also be guided through a detailed study and review of the chemical families.

When you complete the course, you'll be well versed in the most practical, scientific aspects of essential oil chemistry.

You will have mastered innovative blending techniques that take your skills as an Aromatherapist to a high level.

Goals and Objectives

  • Deepen your knowledge of essential oil chemistry, especially for oils that are less well known. This will also deepen your relationship with the oils, so that blending from a chemical component perspective comes easily.
  • Choose how to approach your blends for each unique person and situation by becoming well versed in eight advanced blending techniques:
    1. Blending from a single component perspective
    2. Blending from a multiple component perspective
    3. Blending within one chemical family
    4. Blending between several chemical families
    5. Blending with multiple oils that have two or more of the same components, in similar and significant percentages
    6. Blending from a plant family perspective (to take advantage of the synergy between botanical families)
    7. Blending from a plant part perspective (to address emotional balance)
    8. Blending from a country of origin perspective (which taps into an interesting look at oils sourced from the same country)
  • Expand your understanding of how to use GC/MS reports (Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry), and how they relate to the therapeutic properties of essential oils.
  • Use the blending activities and chemical family worksheets to reinforce your knowledge of essential oil chemistry, so that you can immediately apply it to your blending.

This is an advanced course designed for Certified Aromatherapists.

  • Andrea Butje


  • Price: $1,600

    (Payment Plan Available)
  • Enroll

Once you have enrolled in the AGP, you may begin your class right away. Students study at their own pace, supported by the instructors and the community on the Aromahead forum. Most students finish this course between 2-3 months, but there is no required time frame for completion.

This is an exciting, independent, self-study program. When questions arise while you're learning, you can ask both the Aromahead Institute's team and our graduates on the Aromahead forum. The forum is an active, engaged online community where Aromahead students and graduates come together to chat about Aromatherapy, share experiences, and answer questions.

Andrea and the Aromahead team will also provide in-depth personal feedback and support for your case studies so that you can take your blending skills to a new level of expertise.

Requirements for Advanced Graduate Program Certification

In order to receive the certificate of completion for the Advanced Graduate Program, students must:

  • Complete 12 case studies.
  • Pass your final exam.
  • Pay tuition in full. If you paid with a payment plan, your payments must be complete to receive your certification.

Your Advanced Graduate Program
package includes:

  • Feedback and blending guidance for 12 case studies. We will look over your blends and work with you personally to develop your blending skills as you gain hands-on experience in your case studies.
  • FREE lifetime membership to Aromahead's Component Database! (The database is created by Andrea Butje and edited by Robert Tisserand. Membership is usually $750.)
  • Professional video tutorials produced exclusively for the Advanced Graduate Program. Seeing the information presented in a warm, engaging video makes it easier to absorb, and you can watch the videos as many times as you like (even after you complete the class)!
  • Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) reports and up-to-date research summaries. With these reports and research, you will learn the medical actions and safety considerations for each essential oil component covered in the course.
  • 26 of Andrea's original detailed datasheets for the essential oils studied in the course. Aromahead's printer-friendly datasheets clearly lay out information for easy reference, including each oil's therapeutic properties, safety data, chemical profile, Latin name, botanical family, plant part origin, practical clinical applications, aroma, note, and extraction method.
  • An extensive private list of resources for high-quality Aromatherapy products and related services (such as bottles and other packaging).
  • Contact information for prominent Aromatherapy organizations and journals. Stay current with the industry, learn about the conferences, and gather articles from Aromatherapy experts.
  • 15% off discount on all essential oils, carrier oils, butters, bottles, supplies, and specific blending kits from Aromatics International for six months after you register.
  • Permanent unlimited access to all other course materials and videos, including any updates to the content, even after you have completed the program.

   Quick Facts:

  • You have permanent unlimited access to all the course materials and any subsequent updates to the course content, even after you have completed the program. View each video as many times as you like.
  • Start the class the moment you complete your registration.
  • Work at your own pace and on your own timeline.
  • The Advanced Graduate Program meets NAHA's Level 3 (Certified Clinical Aromatherapist) education requirements when combined with our Aromatherapy Certification Program (300+ hours of study).
  • The Advanced Graduate Program is applied towards Aromahead Institute's 400-hour Scholars Program, approved by the Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA).
  • Interact with the Aromahead team along with all Aromahead students and graduates on an online forum where you can ask questions.
  • Approved for 125 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for Massage Therapy by the NCBTMB and Florida. This course will count towards CEU requirements of New York.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs):
This program is approved for Massage Therapy by the NCBTMB
and Florida for 125 hrs. This course will count towards CEU requirements of New York.

Tuition and Payment Plans:

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Online exploration led me to the discovery of Aromahead Institute's Advanced Graduate Program and a whole new and exciting level of Aromatherapy mastery. The gift of the access to the Component Database is worth the tuition all by itself. Perfectly organized – an amazing resource!

Andrea's years of experience, intelligence, knowledge, dedication, obvious passion and all the work she has done; these have all come together. For anyone out there reading this who thinks he or she might want to study beyond the certification level, do yourself a big favor and check out the Advanced Graduate Program!!

- Patti Gelini

Certified Aromatherapist

I loved how essential oil chemistry and the chemical components are taught so well and that it was easy to grasp without a beginning knowledge of chemistry. It feels meaningful to know how essential oils work and now I can explain it. I enjoyed analzing the components and using the Aromahead Component Database.

- Eiko Thiele

Certified Aromatherapist

I loved extending my aromatherapy knowledge to include blending with lesser known, but powerful, essential oils as well as blending with carriers, hydrosols, and other mediums to create a broad spectrum of products that are relevant for my clients.

My understanding of chemical families grew by leaps and bounds as a result of the course — it added a whole other dimension to my blending to have a fundamental understanding of the chemical families and the key components found within them. The class helped me to deepen my understanding of the chemistry and science of aromatherapy so I can offer more compelling custom blends for my clients.

- Kristina Bauer

Certified Aromatherapist

In 2010 I had been practicing aromatherapy for nearly 20 years and knew it was time to deepen my knowledge of essential oiils. The Aromahead Advanced Graduate Program was perfect! Andrea's step-by-step method of teaching helped clarify my questions on chemistry, and I made friends with some fabulous new essential oils and carriers. Every class I take with Andrea Butje makes me a better Clinical Aromatherapist and Educator!

- Liz Fulcher

Aromatic Wisdom Institute


Aromahead Institute's 235-hour Aromatherapy Certification Program, or another school's 200-hour Aromatherapy Certification program is required.


Supplies are not included in the tuition.

We have designed a fully-stocked kit of essential oils, carriers, and bottles, sold through Aromatics International. The kit includes everything you'll need to make the recipes in this course, but it's not a mandatory purchase.

If you have your own essential oils and supplies, feel free to use them.

Many students choose to begin the class, and then decide which recipes they want to make. This allows them to purchase their oils and supplies over time, as they make their way through the course (instead of buying the whole kit up front).

Advanced Graduate Program Kit

Important Note: Purchasing the kit is optional. If you have your own essential oils and supplies you may use them.

  • Andrea Butje


  • Price: $1,600

    (Payment Plan Available)
  • Enroll