Graduate: Justine Diamond

Justine Diamond

Justine Diamond
Elspeth's Airs Natural Perfumes & Aromatherapy

New Orleans, LA

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Elspeth's Airs Natural Perfumes weave together the scents, healing properties and energetics of natural plant materials to create "fragrant touchstones" that help us remember- a feeling, an intention, who we are. 

Our Aromatherapy line offers thoughtfully composed blends that combine powerful essential oils for specific purposes based on their therapeutic and energetic properties.

Custom blends and consultations are also available! 


I'm Justine Diamond, natural perfumer, certified aromatherapist, and budding herbalist. I've loved plants and understood the power of aroma since I was a child. I "remembered" this around 2016 and began exploring the world of perfumery, which ignited a passion that continues to feed my spirit. I knew I needed to learn more about the therapeutic properties of the plants I was working with, which led me to study aromatherapy at Aromahead Institute. I'm continually awed by the power of plant medicine and olfaction, and am grateful to offer this experience to others. Read more about my inspirations on my website!

What I loved about Aromahead:

I loved the wide and comprehensive breadth of knowledge presented by Aromahead Institute. I entered the program with the intention to learn about the therapeutic properties of the essential oils I was working with. I learned this and more. I appreciate that we learned about the oils from multiple perspectives- from their chemistry to their energetics. The course materials are also set up in a highly searchable way that I now have lifetime access to, which is so useful for researching and creating the best blends possible. I am also really glad that Anatomy & Physiology was a required part of the class. I learned a lot that continues to be useful in my practice. Finally, the customer service/teacher feedback was top notch- very responsive and personal. Thank you to everyone at Aromahead Institute for the support!