Team Members

Meet Aromahead Institute's amazing team! We are excited to welcome you to Aromahead's online community and look forward to working with you. 

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  • Andrea Butje
    Founder, Visionary, Lead Instructor

    I experienced the extraordinary work of essential oil distillers for the first time during a trip to the south of France in 1995. I fell in love with the way the distillers dedicated themselves to plants and the process of growing, harvesting and distilling. I immediately knew I wanted to work with small-scale, organic, artisan essential oil distillers, and help them develop wider international exposure.

    Since then, I have traveled the world developing relationships with distillers in England, France, Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Morocco, Italy, Corsica, Canada, Seychelle Islands, South Africa, The United Arab Emirates, and the United States. Many of them feel like close friends or extended family.

    I taught my first Aromatherapy Certification Program in 1998, and I knew I was onto something! That was the beginning of Aromahead Institute. Working with online students and visiting distillers is a wonderful journey that allows me to share my love of plants and natural healing, while also supporting the growth of the Aromatherapy profession.

    Aromahead Institute has an incredible community of students, graduates, and staff. They give me such inspiration for the future of the Aromatherapy profession, and the future of plant medicine as an important aspect of natural healing. I invite you to join us and I look forward to working with you!

  • Cindy Black
    Acupuncture Physician
    Co-founder, Pillar, Anatomy Instructor

    All of my life I have been on a quest to understand my place in this vast universe of mysteries, miracles, suffering and thriving. I have been supported on my path by the practices of Massage Therapy and Chinese Medicine.

    I began studying Massage Therapy in 1990. In 1994 Andrea and I co-founded the Finger Lakes School of Massage in Ithaca, NY, where I taught anatomy, physiology and sports massage. I continued my studies in alternative medicine by completing a Master’s degree in Chinese Medicine in 2007. I have continued to study Maya Abdominal Massage, Chi Nei Tsang, Qi Gong, the I Ching, and Yoga.  I am the founder of the Big Tree School of Natural Healing.

    I teach the Anatomy and Physiology course at Aromahead and participate in the online forum.  I love being a part of Aromahead Institute!

  • Karen Williams
    Incredible Co-Director of Education

    About 20 years ago, I found myself escaping from the mounds of paperwork and QuickBook entries on my computer to my basement to make soap. I had been running a successful business with my husband for years as a nurse turned makeshift accountant, and I couldn’t bear to look at the growing pile of entries that came with this ever-increasing business. In my basement, I could craft and create an all natural soap from scratch. Within just a few weeks of crafting, I discovered the benefits and stunning aromas of essential oils. There was no going back for me. I started signing up for aromatherapy classes, ordering books, and flying all over the country to learn from aromatherapy teachers. I went through a certification program, and after completion, I realized I didn’t feel confident enough in my blending knowledge to practice aromatherapy on anyone other than close friends and family. I researched and researched, found Andrea and Cindy, hopped on a plane to Florida, fell in LOVE with their teaching style, and haven’t looked back since.

    Aromahead has been my primary source for learning for several years. Andrea has always been a huge supporter and advocate of small-scale distillers, and it was one of the most important days of my life when I took over ownership of Aromatics International from Andrea and Cindy in 2010. Since then, we have worked closely together, supporting a shared approach to essential oils and aromatherapy.

    I am passionate about holistic healthcare and have found a home that resonates with me in the practice of aromatherapy. It is my honor to personally work with distillers and producers of natural aromatherapy products all over the world.

    As Co-Education Director here at Aromahead, I am passionate about plant sustainability, high-quality aromatherapy products, GC/MS testing, and promoting health and wellness through a safe use of these products. Even though I continue to source all-natural products for Aromatics International (and love these products!), I am a firm believer in using whatever products you love. I support you in your journey and can’t wait to be a part of your experience.

  • Jenny Williams
    Brilliant Co-Director of Education

    I remember standing high up in the mountains of Provence, France early in the morning watching two extraordinary distillers finish carting in freshly picked pink roses from their sloping, misty fields. Over the course of the next several hours these roses were transformed into the most stunning rose essential oil and hydrosol I had ever smelled. This moment was a turning point for me. Seeing a distillation like this first hand and seeing how much work, tender loving care, and intention goes into the production of an essential oil was one of the most magical moments of my life.

    It was shortly after this experience that I decided I wanted to dedicate the next chapter to learning all I could about essential oils and aromatherapy. My passion has always been learning and teaching. I spent years working with high school students as an English teacher and loved watching my students build critical literacy skills that would hopefully better prepare them for life. While I completely loved working with my students and am so thankful for my time with them, I simply couldn’t help the desire to work with essential oils and aromatherapy in a more in-depth capacity.

    After intensely learning with the Aromahead Institute, I made the life changing move to the Rocky Mountains of Montana to join the Aromatics International team as an educator and content creator. My new role as Co-Director of Education here at Aromahead is simply a dream come true. I get the privilege and honor of working with Andrea, Cindy, and our entire team here at Aromahead on a daily basis. I love teaching about essential oils and ways aromatherapy can help improve health and wellness, safely and effectively. I am a plant advocate, passionate supporter of distillers and producers, a lifelong learner and lover of aromatherapy, and am excited to be here to share what I know with you.

  • Mina Napolitano
    Beloved Director of Student Services

    I’ve always been interested in self-sufficiency and holistic healing. My introduction to essential oils occurred in the late 90s, when a wonderful friend gave me a box of oils accompanied by Robert Tisserand’s book, The Art of Aromatherapy.

    I used oils in homemade skin care products and around the house, but I also wanted comprehensive and in-depth education from a reputable school. I really wanted to understand how to use these mysterious and beautiful oils more effectively. 

    When I decided to dedicate one whole summer to intensive learning at Aromahead, taking every single class they were offering, I got so much more than I could possibly have expected or imagined. Events unfolded as if I were living the words straight from Pablo Coelho’s book, The Alchemist: “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

    So I feel incredibly privileged to be in this position of offering services to Aromahead’s students. It’s my wish to bring the best of my own experiences with Aromahead to the online environment—warmth, compassion, excellent education, fun, laughter, the sweeping beauty of the landscape, and the purple classroom that nourished my heart.

  • Nicole Lauber
    Magnificent Project Director

    I’ve been lucky enough to understand the importance of using natural products my entire life. My mom was always passionate about using natural medicine for prevention, and my older sister worked for an organic grocery store when I was in high school. Between the two of them, I learned at a young age why we should nourish and heal our bodies with healthy food and natural medicine.

    When I came across a job listing for Aromahead in 2013, I wasn’t even really looking to change my career! But after learning more about Aromahead’s mission to teach others about essential oils based on research, I knew I wanted to be a part of their team. It was truly serendipitous, and working for Aromahead has been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had.

    I serve as Aromahead’s Project Director and oversee and manage all projects. I work primarily on our webinars, emails, the Aromahead Blog, the Component Database, social media, graphic design, and so much more… really whatever is needed to support the Aromahead team and the amazing community Aromahead has built!

    Outside of Aromahead, I love travel, cooking, reading, fashion, self-care, and learning.

  • Denise Johnston
    Genius Manager of Online Communications

    Aromahead is family and family means everything to me (and so does chocolate!).  

    Just like the TV series Eight is Enough, I grew up in a family of eight.  Yep, you read that right!  A large family meant learning to be resourceful. My Mom was always making homemade and repurposing before recycling was cool - nothing got thrown out!  It has taken me many years to truly appreciate my Mom’s philosophies and to live by her example but I’m on my way to living with a more natural approach.  

    Thanks to Andrea I am a budding Aromahead - an enthusiast!  I am experiencing a paradigm shift; advertisers are no longer influencing me telling me what a home needs to be clean and what makes skin pure and healthy. All the conventional chemical cleaners have been tossed in our home; we make our own green cleaning products and now we are all breathing more easily.  I cannot remember the last time I bought skin care products.  When I hear “Mom, can you make me some more face wash”, I quietly smile and think I must be doing something right. 

    I am thrilled to be part of Aromahead managing social media communications.  I am loving interacting with people, sharing in all your wonderful experiences and the important topics that contribute to well-being and just life in general! My business experience lies in integrating applications with a great customer experience. I am excited to be expanding the reach of Aromahead Institute on social media platforms and helping with strategies to enhance your overall experience.  We work hard to share information to build long-term relationships with you.  

    I am living a dream being part of the Aromahead Team, having fun and they call this work!  How lucky is that.  I could not be doing this without the love and support of my husband and our two boys!  

  • Sarah Miller
    Extraordinary Project Manager

    I love learning new ways to support my family naturally. It's so fun to test out new recipes, and I feel good about using the blends I've learned through Aromahead. The DIY chapstick recipe is the BEST…I have about 40 sticks on standby so I won’t run out!

    I've been a huge fan of the Aromahead team and community for years, I just love the warmth and positivity that surrounds every aspect of the company. So when I was given the opportunity to join the team I jumped at the chance!

    I help Aromahead with webinars and emails, and supporting Aromahead Institute as a project manager. I'm thrilled to be a part of the Aromahead team!


  • Shelia Murray
    Treasured Case Study Instructor

    I first met Andrea and Cindy when I enrolled in their massage school in Ithaca, New York in 2000. I had come from 15 years in the Western medicine world prior to starting my new journey into a more holistic approach to healing the body.  

    At massage school, I was first introduced to the mysterious world of plant medicine through essential oils. I remember sitting in that very first aromatherapy class and hearing Andrea say, "I very rarely get sick since I've started working with the essential oils."

    Something in that sentence resonated with my Western medical training . . . but it moved me even more by stirring a deep ancestral-knowing in my soul. From that day forward, I was hooked! I signed up for Aromahead's Aromatherapy Certification Program, and have taken EVERY class available since. I’ve also studied with Rhiannon Lewis and have completed an intensive herbal apprenticeship.

    I started teaching Aromahead's curriculum in 2007—first in massage schools, healing retreats, and workshops, and now at my own school, Essential Care Aromatics School of Essential Oils Studies (located in Wilmington, Delaware).  

    I look forward to the privilege of walking with you through your case studies at Aromahead.

  • Ann Lohr
    Adored Case Study Instructor

    In a world that seems lifetimes ago, I went to Penn State and earned a BS in Microbiology. It met the needs of the 20 year old scientist in me. As a healthy, wholistic mom of four little ones I learned about tea tree and lavender oils. In 1994 I had just a little extra time on my hand and felt a strong  desire to go to massage therapy school where I was intrigued by a weekend of aromatherapy studies.

    For twenty years I have practiced massage therapy in both Pennsylvania and Connecticut, and also worked with Nature's Stones Inc, where we incorporated aromatherapy into the hot stone massage protocol. My dabbling in aromatherapy turned to a whole different level one day when I Googled "aromatherapy education" and found Aromahead Institute.  As I researched the site and the certification programs I knew this was the place I wanted to study. 

    I completed the Scholars Program including, ACP, AGP, teacher training, component blending and medicinal blending and experienced Andrea's incredible, generous teaching. At last, my worlds of science and healing arts collided. A few years ago I also completed a certificate in spiritual direction and so I feel qualified to claim my title as medicine woman and mystic…many lifetimes from my first job as lab tech in the neuroanatomy department!

    I have continued to enjoy Aromahead's webinars, iPhone App, Facebook posts, and continued opportunities for learning and support. Aromahead provides a wealth of knowledge and I continue to share it in my Green Cleaning and Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils in-person classes. 

    I am thrilled to be part of Aromahead's innovative online support team as a Case Studies Instructor. I have been cheering people on all my life whether it was my high school football team, my children, breastfeeding moms, massage clients, or friends. I feel so blessed to support and encourage students from all over the country and world in their aromatherapy studies.

    Go team!

  • Kuan Nee See
    Honored Case Study Instructor

    I have always thought my migraine were both beneficial and painful. Painful because it is what it is, and beneficial because it brought me to the sweet world of Aromatherapy! A few years after being introduced to my first bottle of good ol’ Lavender, I decided that I would like to learn more about essential oils, and just like that, I ended up with Aromahead.

    Aromahead is an eye opener to the beautiful world of essential oils, and I have learned so much more than what I first had in mind. In creating Aromahead, Andrea has made an amazing blend. She has managed to blend tremendous drops of warmth, all of her heart, and a lifetime of experiences into Aromahead. It didn’t take much for me to decide to do my teacher training with Aromahead, and meeting both Aromahead's founders, Andrea and Cindy, will always be a major milestone in my life!

    I have since left my job in pharmaceuticals and set up, running Aromatherapy workshops and talks, and offering Aromatherapy consults here in Singapore. It is an honour for me to be able to join you in your journey into this world of Aromatherapy, and I look forward to working with you!

  • Jennifer Rhind
    Cherished Research Consultant

    When I was studying Microbiology at Strathclyde University back in the 1970s, I was browsing in a health food store in Glasgow’s beautiful bohemian ‘West End’, when I came across a little display of small bottles that contained ‘essential oils’. Now, I was already familiar with attars, and had a life-long passion for fragrance, and I asked if I could smell one of them – it was geranium. I was captivated, hooked and intrigued. However, I had a degree to finish and then a PhD beckoned, so I had to focus on my career! My little bottle of geranium sat in a dark cupboard for a few years.

    I initially worked in research and development in the Food and Flavour industry, and although there were some high points, it did not fulfil me. However, I did find time to explore essential oils – a process which eventually became all-consuming! I did some courses, and left my job to work as an Aromatherapist. Passionate about Aromatherapy – where education was still in its early stages in the UK - in 1987, I developed an IFPA accredited diploma course. Eleven years later, I left my School to create the first degree level aromatherapy programme in the UK - and worked as a lecturer at Edinburgh Napier University for 14 years, before leaving to concentrate on writing and consultancy.

    To date I have written five books on essential oils with Singing Dragon publishers. I remain involved in essential oil and scent education, the natural world and wellbeing. I love animals, folklore, traditional healing practices, herbs and my garden. I live in a little town in Scotland called Moffat in Dumfries and Galloway with my husband Derek, and a Tibetan Terrier called Gertie.

    Andrea is a generous spirit and a true visionary, and has created the very best programme of study that I have come across – not only for its incredible content but also for how it is delivered, and the student support is second to none! When I was approached to work for Aromahead, I did not hesitate. I am so very fortunate to be part of such a wonderful community, and at last I really feel as though I have found my niche in life – connecting with all who have a love of essential oils and aromatherapy!

  • Michele Mazur
    Delightful Case Study Instructor

    In 2002 I took an infant massage course while pregnant with my daughter. It was my first view into the world of healing arts and natural living. I was hooked! Unbeknownst to me, this first inspiration would lead me on an incredible adventure.

    In 2003 I moved to Vermont and attended Massage Therapy school and fell in love with the beautiful Green Mountains. Since then, I have studied Shamanism, Herbalism, modalities such as Reiki, Acupressure and Zero Balancing and have also traveled to India to learn more about yoga and spirituality.

    In 2010 I started a business making natural body care products. Endless hours were spent researching recipes & ideas and sourcing organic ingredients. My kitchen quickly turned into a laboratory as I experimented with natural preservatives, learned the art of soap making and how to create a stable emulsification. Essential oils were always on my mind and in my products but I yearned to know more.

    I wanted to find a reputable school that would offer an in-depth training. This led me to Aromahead in 2014. Little did I know that the Aromatherapy Certification Program would light up my being! My love affair with these incredible oils and Andrea’s knowledge and teaching style inspired me to go farther. After attending the Teacher Training Program that same summer, I knew I had to share my love of aromatherapy with others. This passion led to a new direction for my business as I taught workshops and led classes in addition to making products.

    I am so honored to be a part of the Aromahead team as a Case Studies Instructor. Having the opportunity to work with students who are finding their path in the world of aromatherapy is a dream come true. My goal is to share my passion about essential oils and to support and encourage students in their aromatherapy studies.


  • Marissa Berghuber
    Amazing Case Study Instructor

    I still remember the moment I realized aromatherapy products truly work. My husband and I were suffering badly from seasonal allergies and were out of hayfever medication. I looked up some essential oils that might help and made an inhaler. The relief was instant! From that moment I wanted to learn as much as possible about essential oils; how they worked, what to use, how to use them. I was so hungry for information, I wanted to read everything about aromatherapy I could get my hands on!

    When I looked into the Aromahead Aromatherapy Certification Program, I knew I had to sign up. I fell in love with the company culture and what it stands for while gaining so much knowledge.

    I feel so fortunate to be part of the Aromahead team; the work and learning environment is so supportive and fun. I love guiding and supporting students through their case studies and sharing in the joy of their successes! The high level of education students receive empowers them, creating strong advocates for the effective and safe use of aromatherapy.

  • Jessica Sheppard
    Outstanding Case Study Instructor

    I have had the pleasure of connecting people with plant and aromatic medicine for almost 20 years and hold certifications in both herbalism and aromatherapy. I feel absolutely blessed to have studied with acclaimed herbalists, aromatherapists, and distillers from around the world. My journey with aromatherapy started by getting to know the plants in my garden and out in the wild, up close and personal, directly deepening my connection with them.

    Although I received my first aromatherapy certification in 2006, as the years passed on I craved to go deeper in my practice and eventually I found Aromahead. My experience with the ACP and Component Blending Course exceeded my expectations and advanced my skills, as well as my reverence for the craft in ways I had not imagined. Molecules became magic, and the tiny amber bottles filled with such healing potential sang directly to my heart. The level of thorough education I received during the program was incredible and the experience from my own case studies took my approach and understanding to new heights. Before I knew it the inspiration from my work with Aromahead led me to learn first hand the alchemy and art of distilling--these two learning paths merged together and my fondness and respect for aromatic medicine continues to grow like the lushest garden.

    It's my deep honor to be a part of the amazing Aromahead team as a case studies instructor and I am eager to offer my support to others as they advance on their learning journey. Its my aspiration to wholeheartedly support our students to hone their unique talents and skills all the while empowering them to practice mindful, safe, and sustainable use of essential oils whatever their personal goals might be--making beautiful and effective products, working with clients, or enhancing their own wellness and that of family and friends.

  • Beth Hornak
    Divine Forum Instructor

    I am thrilled to be part of the Aromahead team, and I cannot think of a more fun, more aromatically enlightened team to work with.

    In 2002 my youngest daughter, Sara, was diagnosed with hypersensitive skin. I was told to keep her skin hydrated with a well known moisturizer that contained petrolatum and mineral oil. At that point, I knew little of natural skin care, but I knew enough to decide that those were two ingredients I did not want to use on a two-year-old child. Soon after, I bought beeswax, shea butter, and mango butter.

    As Sara's skin stayed healthy, I wanted to learn more. I decided to start my own company, Bella Avani, meaning “beautiful earth” in Italian and Sanskrit, to focus on botanical skin care using essential oils and herbs. 

    I found Aromahead in 2010, and took several of the classes. I was so impressed with how Andrea was able to translate her warm, engaging teaching style to the digital world. In concert with that coursework, I took the Art and Science of Herbalism with Rosemary Gladstar. I also had the opportunity to take a class with Rhiannon Lewis. 

    In addition to my position managing Aromahead's online Forum, I run my business, provide consultations, have two super-amazing daughters—Emma and Sara. I’m also a competitive triathlete, and love to swim, bike, and run. 

  • Michelle Gilbert
    Awesome Forum Instructor

    My passion for aromatherapy began in the late 1990s. I was working at a stressful job in health care, longing for a life with greater balance, wholeness, sustainability, and self-sufficiency. On a whim, I purchased an aromatherapy blend to help me stay calm. Aromatherapy proved to be a balm for my soul and, little did I know at the time, a catalyst for positive change.

    I began making my own skin care and household products using essential oils, and was soon hooked on creating natural soap. As job stress led to health challenges, aromatherapy became my greatest ally. I wanted to know more...why essential oils helped, how to use them safely, and how to share this knowledge. 

    Although I completed other aromatherapy programs, it wasn't until I discovered Aromahead in 2012 that things really clicked. The combination of personal attention, clear and comprehensive information, and ample hands-on projects gave me the confidence and skills I needed. My Aromahead experience lit a fire in me, and I went on to take nearly every class. Andrea's warmth, humor, caring, and expertise continue to inspire me and inform the way I bring aromatherapy into the world. 

    It's a joy to be part of the Aromahead team, and I absolutely adore my work answering student questions on the forum. I am honored to support you on your aromatic journey.

    I still make aromatherapy soap, and I have owned a soap company for 10 years. I teach aromatherapy workshops and classes, and I provide aromatherapy consultations along with meditation instruction and subtle energy practices to help others find the healing I craved all those years ago. Life is good! 

  • Leslie Hedrick
    Content Editor Extraordinaire

    Working with Aromahead allows me to combine two of my favorite things: essential oils and writing!

    I started writing and editing professionally in 2010, and started working with Aromahead online in 2012. It was almost a year before I met Andrea in person, and it was like magic. It felt like coming home to an old friend. I create and edit content for Aromahead’s blog, emails, classes, and more.

    The Aromahead team is one of the most creative, loving, and fun teams I’ve ever been privileged to be part of. I’m always amazed by the levels of productivity, the high quality of work, the breadth of the Institute, and by the very real personal presence the team brings to the whole thing. They are such an inspiration—and true friends!

    At Aromahead, I've learned so much more than aromatherapy—working with this team has taught me so much about running a business, communicating with people, and building a presence for myself online and in the world.

  • Chelsea Fallon
    Superb Graphic Designer

    I've always been a believer in the power of nature, as well as holistic, natural, and organic methods of growing and healing. I am an animal lover, passionate traveler, environmentalist, and artist. It's always been my dream to incorporate graphic design with a topic I love, and to assist a cause I believe in.

    Essential oils entered my life very recently, when I was at a local market and purchased a roll-on for headaches, attempting to avoid medication. I could not believe how quickly my pain was gone. Shortly after this discovery, I came across Aromahead seeking a designer. I could not have asked to work with a more positive, kind, knowledgeable, professional group of people and I'm incredibly honored to represent Aromahead in their visual appearance in a way that can help others health, lives, and careers. 

    I am excited about my work with Aromahead and all the ways I can make things pretty.

  • Keith Morgan
    Distinguished Webmaster

    I'll admit it . . . I like 1's and 0's! I love turning logic and data into websites that look and work great.

    For over seven years, I have been part of the Aromahead website team, and I watched the site get better with each passing week. I like to think that I’ve gotten a little better along the way, too! We’ve added two children to our family and have learned lots of amazing ways to integrate aromatherapy into our daily lives.

    I’m well versed in too many programming languages to count and can confuse you with any number of tech acronyms; however, I’m most proud of the fact that I can explain those same concepts in language that anyone can understand. We spend a lot of time at Aromahead discussing complex ideas in simple terms, so we don't forget that what really matters is how the site works for you when you use it daily.

  • Marynka Muckey
    Fantastic Social Media Support

    I’ve been using essential oils since 2013, and my desire to learn more about aromatherapy led me to becoming a Certified Aromatherapist in 2016 through Aromahead Institute. I’ve completed the Aromahead Teacher Training Program, several aromatherapy classes, and am currently enrolled in the Scholar’s Program, finishing the Advanced Graduate Program. I’m the owner of Marynka Aromatherapy, LLC, offering clients a wide-range of aromatherapy products and services.

    As a Certified Aromatherapist and business owner, safety is in the forefront of my mission to support individual well-being. I make every effort to educate my clients by providing an “About Your Blend” information sheet with every aromatherapy product. I focus on safe and effective use of essential oils with students in my aromatherapy classes and workshops.

    Combining my training as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) with aromatherapy, I created a Restorative AromaYoga class that incorporates restorative yoga poses, aromatherapy, and guided meditation for a relaxing, grounding and renewing experience. These yoga classes are the perfect antidote for the stress and tension of daily living, and a perfect practice for anyone recovering from an injury or just in need of a little TLC.

    I’m a professional member with the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA), the Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA), and Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP). I teach yoga classes at Aligned Living Studios in Acworth, GA, and am excited to provide support during Aromahead webinars to students embarking on their aromatherapy journey.

  • Dana Selzer
    Excellent Social Media Support

    What does one do after spending over 40 years as a Pre-K to adult educator? Become an aromatherapist, of course! It’s really not that farfetched considering how it all transpired.

    After retirement, a friend sold me some essential oils. They smelled SO good! But I was skeptical of claims made about them and without the support of scientific data, I just couldn’t bring myself to use them until I understood how they worked. So I researched aromatherapy education programs and landed at Aromahead Institute. Once I started learning about these fascinating substances I couldn't stop! (It's one of the pitfalls of being an educator...we just keep going to school.)

    Before I knew it I'd finished Aromahead's Scholar's Program, including Intro to Essential Oils, Aromatherapy Certification Program, Aromatherapy for Natural Living, Body Butters and Lip Balms, Advanced Graduate Program, Online Component Blending and Aromatherapy Teacher Training Program. I enjoyed the courses because they were so well designed, and as I studiedm I found the answers I was looking for and so much more!

    Is it any surprise that I have combined my first calling (education) with my second calling (aromatherapy) to become an aromatherapy educator? It’s a pleasure to be a part of the Aromahead Team and I look forward to helping others discover the glorious world of aromatherapy.

  • Christine Stalsonburg
    Wonderful Social Media Support

    As a massage therapist, I have always wanted to find the best ways to support my clients in their healthy lifestyle journey. When I started my adventure to find a school to gain my education on essential oils so that I could bring this amazing element to my practice, I was immediately drawn to Aromahead. It was not long into my learning journey that I realized that I have made the best decision possible.

    The amount of love, care and kindness that was shown by everyone on the team was second to none. It was more than a learning institution—it was a family of lifelong learners, all eager to share and help each one of the students.

    With the use of my knowledge and the amazing oils that I have found at Aromatics International, I am able to help clients to make safe and educated choices about what blends will help work best to support their wellbeing.

    My husband and I enjoy spending time traveling, and being a part of the Aromahead team allows me to have the perfect job enjoying what I love.