Immune Boosting with Grapefruit, Thyme, and Rosemary

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Explore the empowering world of essential oils for immune support in our comprehensive workshop. Discover how Grapefruit, Thyme, and Rosemary oils can play a pivotal role in enhancing your body's natural defenses.

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About this course

Join us live on December 12, 2024, at 1 PM ET or watch the replay, which is always available in your student account. Grapefruit oil, celebrated for its invigorating aroma, is also lauded for its properties that can help bolster the immune system. With its powerful antibacterial and antiviral attributes, Thyme oil is an excellent choice for supporting the body's resistance to illnesses. Rosemary, unique in its composition, contributes significantly to respiratory health and overall immune function.

  • This workshop will guide you through the effective integration of these essential oils into your daily wellness routine. Learn about safe practices, blending techniques, and practical uses that maximize the health benefits of these natural immune supporters.

  • Join us to gain valuable insights into using aromatherapy for relief and as a consistent, proactive approach to maintaining robust health. Whether you're interested in natural preventative care, enhancing your immune system, or exploring the multifaceted benefits of essential oils, this session is a step towards sustained well-being and vitality.

What you’ll learn in this course

This course was very eye opening to me. I did one other workshop a couple of years ago, unfortunately I was unable to continue the classes. Liked all the ways to blend and I have ordered the supplies.

- Kathleen

My husband and I are both in our 90's and fairly healthy, mentally and physically. However I found several ideas and oils that I think will be helpful for us. Thank you for this class.

- Patricia

I enjoyed all the information and your organization in presenting it. Top notch!

- Rachelle
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