Component Blending

Use essential oil chemistry and specific chemical components to create safe and effective therapeutic blends. Learn to differentiate between 15 conifer oils and their benefits and uses, so you can confidently choose which one to use in any situation. You’ll also gain a strong foundation that will help you confidently make substitutions in any essential oil recipe.

28.0+ Hours of instruction
4 lessons

About this course

Unlock the potential of essential oils by learning to select and blend them based on their unique components. In this course, you will gain an advanced knowledge of the chemical components of conifer oils and the confidence you need to choose essential oils (conifer or otherwise) to address specific wellness concerns based on their chemical components.

Course Highlights:

  • Explore Essential Oil Chemistry: Understand the deep chemistry and therapeutic properties of 15 essential oils, uncovering their unique qualities beyond surface similarities.

  • Master Conifer Oil Components: Acquire advanced knowledge about the chemical makeup of conifer oils and how these components contribute to their therapeutic effects.

  • Develop Blending Expertise: Gain the confidence and skills needed to choose and blend essential oils for specific wellness concerns, based on their chemical properties.

  • Learn Substitution Techniques: Discover how to effectively substitute essential oils in recipes and blends, enhancing their therapeutic benefits.

  • Focus on Natural Wellness: Delve into the use of essential oils for supporting natural wellness and treating specific conditions.

After completing this course you’ll be able to

Gain an in-depth understanding of how the chemistry of essential oils contributes to their therapeutic benefits.
Acquire specialized knowledge about conifer oils and their unique properties.
Learn techniques for substituting essential oils in recipes and blends effectively.
Discover how to utilize essential oils for supporting natural wellness and treating specific conditions.

In addition, you'll also

Emphasize the therapeutic properties of your blends using two advanced techniques: single component blending and multiple component blending
Make a variety of your own therapeutic blends and products to support inflammation, immune health, colds & flu, allergies, and more
5 instructional videos
Blending exercises & hands-on projects
Quick-reference, printable datasheets for each of the 15 conifer oils studied in the course
Course Outline

28 hrs

15 Oils

10 DIY Blends

  • Printable Therapeutic Component List
  • Printable Medicinal Properties List
Lesson 1
  • Introduction to the Conifer trees.
  • What are isomers?
Lesson 2
  • Component charts
  • Beta-Myrcene oils and their therapeutic benefits
  • All About Preservatives and Antioxidants!
  • The Best Cream Ever!
Lesson 3
  • Two of the most common essential oil components... alpha and beta-pinene
  • Bornyl Acetate rich oils and camphor
Lesson 4
  • Antioxidant components
  • Treating a cold or flu
  • Hand gels

Aromahead provides the best online instruction available anywhere, In addition to the excellent curriculum and materials, they provide thoughtful ongoing support.

- Melissa Rodgers

There is so much support and encouragement … I never felt alone. Aromahead wants you to succeed and they back their program with real support and love.

- Mary Kate Santulli

The online classrooms are formatted beautifully and make it easy to learn at one’s own pace. I was especially impressed with the scope and quality of information offered.

- Melanie Manavi

Learn from the experts

Andrea Butje is your guide throughout this program

Andrea Butje

Founder and Instructor

Helping students master the art and science of essential oils is my passion and life’s work.

  • Founder & Instructor
  • Founder: Finger Lakes School of Massage
  • LMT
  • Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA): Lifetime Achievement Award, 2013

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Questions & Answers
What type of classroom environment does the Component Blending Course offer?
The course provides a user-friendly online classroom accessible at any time.
What kind of instructional materials are included in the course?
The course includes 5 instructional videos and webinars, blending exercises, hands-on projects, and review questions to reinforce learning.
Are there any specific materials for conifer oils?
Yes, there are quick-reference, printable datasheets for each of the 15 conifer oils studied in the course.
Does the course provide any tools for component blending?
Component blending charts are included to aid in the blending process.
Are there resources for sourcing aromatherapy products and services?
A list of resources for high-quality aromatherapy products and services is provided, along with contacts at prominent aromatherapy organizations and journals.
Is there a discount on aromatherapy products for students?
Yes, students receive 15% off essential oils and aromatherapy products for six months at Aromatics International.
What is the access policy for course materials and videos?
You will have ongoing access to your version of the course for as long as our school operates. While we can't use the term 'lifetime' due to its legal ambiguity, we assure you of continued access to the course materials as long as Aromahead Institute is active.
Is there a platform for interaction with instructors and fellow students?
The course offers access to our private community forum for answers from instructors and fellow students.
Does the course provide any formal accreditation?
Yes, the course is accredited by well-respected, industry-leading organizations such as NAHA, AIA, and IFPA.
What is the guarantee and refund policy?
We understand that investing in yourself and your business is a significant decision. That's why we invite you to start exploring the course with confidence. If, within the first 7 days, you find that it's not the right fit, simply email our team at Show us that you've engaged with the course material, and we'll issue you a prompt and courteous refund, no questions asked. We're here to support your journey and ensure you have the best experience possible.
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