Solar Plexus: Increase Self Confidence With 3 Essential Oils

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Ready to Step Off the Beaten Path? Increase Self Confidence with 3 specific citrus essential oils (and 5 supportive oils). Learn how to utilize these specific oils that energetically help you to stand in your power and give a sense of security, confidence and the ability to move forward with direction.

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About this course

The Solar Plexus is often associated with the will and personal power.

The process of individualization begins here. It is in the upper abdomen area, just below the rib cage. The essential oils will work their magic and you will soon notice a change in your energy helping you to stand firmly in your power, feel confident and make decisions.

Course Highlights:

  • By supporting the Solar Plexus we increase energy

  • An in-depth look at 3 citrus essential oils and 5 supportive oils

  • Create 6 different blends, learn mantras, and Solar Plexus strengthening exercises

  • Discover how yellow Citrine gem supports the Solar Plexus!

What you’ll learn in this course
Gain Solar Plexus Chakra Support

Understand how to enhance strength, motivation, and vitality through the solar plexus chakra.

Boost Confidence and Decision-Making Skills

Acquire techniques for improving self-confidence and making decisions effortlessly, while nurturing your unique individuality.

Explore and Harness Essential Oils

Delve into the benefits of Grapefruit, Lemon, and Lime essential oils, learning their specific advantages for the solar plexus, and discover how the energizing and balancing properties of citrus oils can clear the mind and enhance focus.

Create Uplifting Blends

Learn to blend essential oils that invoke creativity, fun, laughter, and inner strength.

Empowerment Through Words and Rituals

Engage with empowering practices, including grounding, cleansing, and focusing thoughts, and learn solar plexus strengthening rituals.

Utilize Citrine for Growth and Positivity

Explore the use of Citrine crystal for clearing energy blockages and fostering self-esteem and courage.

Learn Empowering Mantras

Master powerful mantras and breathing exercises, amplified by holding Citrine, to boost personal power and positive affirmations.

Always love these workshops. Thank you for the hard work you put in preparing these for us!

- Wendolyn

I love this beautiful webinar! Thank you so much!

- Kimberly

Always love Karen‘s class/ workshop, you are always focus and your voice & tones are calming, which help me a lot. Glad to see the crystals are used!

- Mags
Course Outline

1.5 hrs

Gems and Mantras

Citrus Oils

The Solar Plexus is associated with the will and personal power
  • The process of individualization begins here. It is in the upper abdomen area, just below the rib cage. The essential oils will work their magic and you will soon notice a change in your energy helping you to stand firmly in your power, feel confident and make decisions.
Support the Solar Plexus
  • When feeling tired and unmotivated there’s a reason! The solar plexus chakra is essential for feeling strong, capable and full of vitality giving us the motivation and courage to go after any goal. Feel confident, make decisions easily,sSupport your own unique individuality, create increased vitality!
  • Feel confident
  • Make decisions easily
  • Support your own unique individuality
  • Create increased vitality!
In-depth 3 essential oil profiles: By connecting with the scent and energy of citrus essential oils, you’ll be able to tap into feelings of inner strength that will bring clarity on your life direction and help propel you forward on your journey.
  • Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi)
  • Lemon (Citrus limon)
  • Lime (Citrus aurantifolia)
Create blends that bring into life more spark, creativity, fun & laughter!
  • Creating essential oil blends that bring out the fun and laughter in your life is an excellent way to balance your solar plexus. When your solar plexus is balanced, you are able to feel inner confidence and strength to take on any task or challenge. Some words that describe this upcoming experience with these oils are: Ground & experience, release & repurpose, cleanse & energize, focus powerful thoughts
Discover Citrine, mantra's and solar plexus strengthening rituals
  • Citrine helps us access this energy center by clearing blockages within it. This crystal has been associated with success, wealth and abundance for generations so when working directly with its energy we can experience a real feeling of growth and positivity. Not only that but it also helps us cultivate better self-esteem and courage. Learn something new! Empowering mantras while holding citrine near your solar plexus can help amplify one’s own power as you focus on positive affirmations.

Learn from the experts

Karen Williams is your guide throughout this program
Karen Williams - Aromahead Institute

Karen Williams

Lead Instructor & Director of Aromatherapy Education

I got my start many years ago as a registered nurse working in the hospital system. But along the way I discovered essential oils, and my approach to life changed forever.

  • Registered Nurse
  • Certified Aromatherapist
  • School Owner
Questions & Answers
What kind of learning environment does the aromatherapy course offer?
The course offers a user-friendly online classroom that you can access anytime, providing flexibility and convenience for learners of all schedules.
What types of interactive learning materials are included in the course?
The course consists of a single, live-recorded workshop video, which is complemented by PDFs containing detailed recipes and applicable exercises. This format provides an engaging, practical learning experience, allowing you to develop hands-on skills and in-depth understanding.
Is there a certification process upon completing the aromatherapy course?
Yes, after completing the course, including a final quiz students will receive a certificate of course completion, recognizing their achievement and knowledge in aromatherapy.
How long can I access the course materials?
You will have ongoing access to your version of the course for as long as our school operates. While we can't use the term 'lifetime' due to its legal ambiguity, we assure you of continued access to the course materials as long as Aromahead Institute is active.
Does the course provide practical aromatherapy applications?
Absolutely, the course offers effective, well-researched aromatherapy recipes and blends, catering to both beginners and those with more experience in the field.
What is the refund policy?
We are confident that you will find valuable information and insights in this course. However, please note that once enrolled, the course is non-refundable. All payments made for this course are considered final and are not eligible for refunds.