Graduate: Corina Allan

Corina Allan

Corina Allan

Timisoara, Timis, Romania

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Kalisara ( is a blog where Science meets Spirituality. Here you can find extensive information about aromatherapy, essential oils and plant remedies presented in common language with a full understanding of the interconnected nature of every molecule through different chemical, electrical and physical mechanisms. 

The plants, extracts and essential oils are tools given by Mother Earth that can be a great ally when we have an ailment, a twisted ankle, when we fear not passing our exams, when we can't sleep, when we travel, when we need to bring joy in our heart amongst many other of our continual emotional experiences.




Corina Allan is a leading skincare specialist and blogger who has built a substantial online community dedicated to helping people to achieve tangible results and improvements in the health of their skin.

The '360 Degree Skincare Concept' developed on the skincare blog ( not only deals with the visible symptoms of skin conditions, but also the root causes of problems taking into consideration that our skin is a living organ inextricably connected to our mind and soul.

More recently this has led to further studies of aromatherapy and the interaction between essential oils and plant extracts with our body, mind and energetic fields.

Corina's work now focuses on building a community dedicated to understanding aromatherapy and the use of essential oils in dealing with emotions and ailments encountered in our daily lives. Through the Kalisara blog ( she intends to share research, knowledge and understanding of the subject in an informal and interactive environment.


What I loved about Aromahead:

Aromahead Institute is an amazing virtual place where you are treated with great care and where you always find an answer to your questions. Andrea (the founder) is always there for you and the rest of the ladies are great support, especially the case study teacher (thank you Shelia). I've learned even more than I expected and I am grateful that I had the opportunity to be a student of Aromahead.

The concept of the school is something that I did not even dare to believe I could find: a school where you can virtually hug your teacher and you will learn not only that essential oils have energetic properties, but also you will learn about molecules and interaction between them, about what the essential oil components are and how they can help us with emotions and ailments - all based on scientific research.

The webinars are a great bonus and I've learned a great deal just from watching them, Cindy and Andrea are amazing. There is also great component database that you can subscribe to.