Graduate: Deborah Alberto

Deborah  Alberto

Deborah Alberto
Debbi's Aromatherapy & Essential Oils

Colorado Springs, CO

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I own a small retail store in Colorado Springs, CO where I not only sell essential oils, but I also offer consultations, customized blends and Northern Lights sessions where I apply the oils for a calming and relaxing experience.  Once a month I offer 2 hour workshops for customers interested in making their own products.


I have been using essential oils for myself and my family and friends since 1991.  When I decided to go into business, I also felt I needed more credentials than just my personal experience so I signed up for classes at the Aromahead Institute.  I am now Certified and that makes me feel more confident in my business practice.  I have a lot of customers coming in asking if it is safe to take essential oils internally so my next move is to sign up for the advanced course and get my Clinical Certification so I can answer those questions more confidently.  For now, I say I can't say :)

What I loved about Aromahead:

I love the fact that I can work at my own pace.  I run a business with my husband so I don't always have time to devote to classes.  Being able to log on and work at my convenience really takes a lot of the pressure off of me.  Also, Andrea is amazing!  I don't know how she does it, but she always seems to get back to my emails within 24 hours.  Considering how many other online students she must have, this is truly a feat to me.  Thank you for being there for me!