Graduate: Jacqueline Mouton

Jacqueline Mouton

Jacqueline Mouton

Palm Bay, Brevard County, FL

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My Aromahead journey has been a fantastic one... I started the Aromatherapy Certification Program in January 2016 and it feels surreal to actually be a Certified Aromatherapist & a graduate of Aromahead Institute! This continuing journey has revealed my purpose in life. I know that I will continue my studies with Aromahead and I am so honoured to be part of the unselfish joy that is shared among all of us aspiring aromatherapists and educators. Andrea Butje & Cindy Black are a gift to all of us with their unwavering love of sharing, their knowledge, and their expertise.


What I loved about Aromahead:

Every moment at Aromahead has been a building block of knowledge. I enjoyed all of the course material. From Anatomy & Physiology, blending techniques, essential oils, chemistry, plant parts, videos, and the feeling of always having a stable base to ask questions and interact... the list goes on. I have not had one moment of regret and look forward to working on the Scholar's Program and gaining deeper knowledge of this vast and so important field.